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Mr. Flip Flap’s Flip Flop Frenzy

Mr. Flip Flap's Flip Flop Frenzy

By: Shani T. Night
Publisher: Infinite Generations Publishing
Publication Date: September 29, 2023
ISBN: 978-1953364432
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: September 9, 2023

What is better than a carefree day on the beach with a bunch of friends? In Shani T. Night’s newest book, Mr. Flip Flap’s Flip Flop Frenzy, young readers will discover the fun that awaits them with a little surf, sun, and lots of sand.

On the first page of the story, we meet the personable Mr. Flip Flap. He’s a very, very happy man, with a huge smile and feet that just want to dance. He has flip flops (of course!) and the perfect outfit for spending time under the sun, enjoying some waves, and the beautiful beckoning ocean behind him. We learn that:

Once upon a sunny day, in a land so bright,
Lived Mr. Flip Flap, a whimsical sight.
In his flip-flops, he’d flap and dance,
Creating a summer-filled, joyous trance.

The beach is bright and inviting and it isn’t long before Mr. Flip Flap is joined by a group of happy children. His enthusiasm is contagious and soon all the children are dancing along with him, feeling the “magical energy” that fills the air. The children continue to dance, as the atmosphere of summer takes over.

Mr. Flip Flap dances, his gusto growing with each tapping step. The children dance and play, and soon they join hands and start a parade.

They frolic and play, feeling carefree and light,
Immersed in the magic of a summer day’s delight.

Mr. Flip Flap’s Flip Flop Frenzy is a simple book, perfect for the youngest readers. The story, told in rhyme, flows nicely and delivers exactly what the author intended – a reminder to enjoy life, enjoy summer, enjoy being with your best friends, and best of all, enjoy being outside. Adorned with great illustrations of smiling children, along with a flip-flop wearing Mr. Flip Flap, the story oozes happy times. If you’re looking for a light-hearted book that will remind children to slow down and enjoy nature and friendship, grab a copy of this book. After reading Mr. Flip Flap's Flip Flop Frenzy, I suspect you’ll be grabbing your own flip-flops and heading to the beach.

Quill says: Mr. Flip Flap’s Flip Flop Frenzy encourages children to leave the stresses of daily life behind and re-discover the joys of playing on the beach with friends and family. The perfect summer read, as well as a great book to read any time of the year to bring readers back to summer fun.

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