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Man School: Lessons on Love, Power, Honor and Purpose

Man School: Lessons on Love, Power, Honor and Purpose

By: Michael Bronco
Publisher: Wildhorse Publishing
Publication Date: January 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9830166-1-8
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: August 12011

The title may be misleading for a few readers, because this is one of the most wonderful stories about the “masculine” side of a family that has ever been written. And how, once upon a time, the men of this world were kind, loving, faithful, and knew how to treat their families respectfully, as well as their ladies. In fact, for some readers, this will be almost a trip down memory lane, and bring happiness to many mothers and grandmothers who will love the fact that there is still one man on the planet who had a fantastic support system, and was taught by the ‘best of the best’ when it came to the male side of his family.

The writer is the son of a body mechanic and the great grandson of a stone mason. One of his grandfathers was a WWII veteran and the other was an orphan who never knew his last name. The author lived by what these men said and the stories they told. He even attended Quantico and learned some extremely important ‘man’ life lessons at Marine Officer’s School, and has spent his life not only coaching athletes and others ‘physically’ in the gym, but also being a life coach who can offer words of advice to all the people out there who are, right now, far more interested in the internet culture and loss of integrity which is one of the main causes of the high divorce rate in our country.

No, this is not a book that ‘Women’s Lib’ fanatics would be mad at - that’s not the type of lessons that are taught. This is simply a very honest man who has his garage of tools to represent a hard day’s work, and one of the very few men in this world who KNOWS that, although women can be president, run businesses while at the same time running the household, raising the kids, etc., there are women who still want to have the man be her hero again. No matter what is stated about that particular idea, females are still watching the countless romantic comedies at the movie theater and they are STILL making romance novels the largest bestsellers. Conclusion? Yes, women want that hero back!

There is a story about one grandfather who spent time hollowing out a nickel for his fiancée’s wedding ring; he went on to be wounded in 1944 while rescuing another wounded Marine and winning every accolade the government gave. Then stories of his amazing father - the auto body man - who at sixty-five still works every day, and raised his children with kindness, respect, and love. There are stories of Uncle Joe - one of the ‘best men‘ in this author’s life, as well as how the author, himself, had to face fear, bullies, hazing, and growing up in a “rough” world, but still holding dear the lessons that were taught to him by the men he most admired.

For women who also had those amazing fathers and grandfathers who worked their behinds off and taught them to raise respectful children who would grow up with integrity and morals, this is a truly remarkable and uplifting story, and shows exactly what is missing in the world we live in today.

Quill Says: Respect, love, honesty, and inspirational tales of a family who always put family first! It will make every reader wish THAT world still existed.

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