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Lulu & Rocky in Rocky Mountain National Park (Lulu & Rocky Adventures)

Lulu and Rocky in Rocky Mountain National Park (Lulu and Rocky Adventures)

By: Barbara Joose
Illustrated by: Renee Graef
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
Publication Date: May 2021
ISBN: ‎ 978-1534111332
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: July 14, 2021

Lulu and Rocky are off on another adventure - this time to discover the natural wonders of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Lulu & Rocky in Rocky Mountain National Park starts off with a very cool map of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Well known spots are marked with their names (Glacier Gorge Trailhead, Alberta Falls, Grand Lake, etc.) as well as things such as tents, buildings, and various animals. Turn the page and the adventure begins with Rocky packing up all his gear for an exciting adventure.

When Rocky arrives at his destination, he heads to the Stanley Hotel (is it haunted?) to meet his cousin Lulu as well as their buddy Pufferson the penguin. The cousins also meet Henry, who will be their guide throughout the trip.

The group heads out early the next morning on a hike along the Cub Lake Trail. Next up is camping in a tent, exploring the park by horseback, fishing, eating s'mores around a campfire, as well as checking out the very loud rumbles of water in the Glacier Creek. Along the way, the explorers see many different animals, experience a very loud thunderstorm, and see lots of beautiful wild flowers. By the time the travelers return to the Alpine Visitor Center, they're tired but have so many neat stories to tell.

Lulu and Rocky in Rocky Mountain National Park is the fifth book in the Lula and Rocky Adventures series. Each book sees the friends exploring a different city (Milwaukee, Detroit, Nashville and Indianapolis), although this is the first book that has Lulu and Rocky visiting a national park. I read one of the earlier books (the Nashville adventure) and while it was full of facts, I wasn't sure it would hold a young reader's attention. The Rocky Mountain adventure was a bit more intriguing with all the animals and natural wonders Lulu and Rocky discovered. Like the other books, however, the story doesn't have much of a plot - it's more of a guide to the park. The illustrations are the highlight to the book, with great, vibrant colors that bring the Rocky Mountains to life. At the back of the book there's a two-page "More to Know" fact sheet to help readers prepare for their upcoming trip.

Quill says: If you're planning a trip to the Rocky Mountains, then Lulu and Rocky in Rocky Mountain National Park is the perfect book for the young travelers in your group.

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