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Love’s Thrilling Dimensions

Love's Thrilling Dimensions


By: Joyce Akesson
Publisher: Pallas Athena distribution 
Publication Date: September 2008 
ISBN: 978-91-977641-0-0 
Reviewed by: Lauren Victor 
Review Date: January 22, 2009 

Perhaps poetry is the highest written form of love. In Love's Thrilling Dimensions, Joyce Akesson proves this point. With care and tenderness, this Swedish writer doles out a collection of poetry that is thoughtful and thought provoking, with a voice that is full of spirit and pleasant rhythm.

At a fundamental level, the collection explores the many dimensions of love and what it is to be human. Akesson travels through hopes and fears in the face of love, yet she also delves into existential questions that many readers will appreciate. She easily flows between asking, "Are we playing at something/or are we doing it for real?" and more figurative concepts like that of Chaos who "sometimes glares at the world/while smoking his cigar." There are many moments like these that grant depth to her work beyond the surface features of love.

Speaking from personal experience, although I imagine many will agree, poetry about love definitely has its ideal moments to be consumed. After a break up I will probably reach for a dose of Rumi, or during a loving relationship I will feel motivated to pen a love poem for a partner. In the meantime, even though I am not one to necessarily gravitate to a collection about love, this book still has a relevant place on my current shelf. Despite being in a life phase in search of love, my romantic and tormented soul still appreciates stanzas like "Who would have known/that a kiss could quench my thirst/like this?" or

You are at the mercy of this consuming love,
this heartless thief named passion,
who with a joyless eye, 
unlocks your heart, 
penetrates your mind 
and devours your soul 
from the inside out. 

Ultimately Love's Thrilling Dimensions is an enjoyable float through well-crafted phrases, appealing cadence, and expressive emotion. Akesson shares truths about life and love in a way that reflects modern life and is embraceable by modern audiences.

Quill says: A tasty recipe of sweetness, pain, and pleasure.

For more information on Love's Thrilling Dimensions, please visit the author's website at: Pallas Athena Distribution

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