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Jubilant Echoes of Silent Love: An Inspirational Journey In Poetry

Jubilant Echoes of Silent Love: An Inspirational Journey In Poetry

By: Earline Buchanan Pitts
Publisher: FlowerGarden Publishers
Publication Date: February 2011
ISBN: 978-0615430102
Reviewed by: Eloise Michael
Review Date: June 2011

When I first picked up Jubilant Echoes of Silent Love, I spent more time thinking about the title than I do with most books. Each word invited reflection; so did the title taken as a whole. Reading the poems in Earline Pitts collection was a similar experience.

Like all poets, Pitts seems to love words. She plays with rhyme, although she does not adhere to a strict meter. She chooses long and unusual words, sometimes stringing together multiple adjectives or using the words in unexpected ways. For example, in “Sunlight Dancing on Banks Lake,” (pg. 53) Pitts writes:

And the carefully suspended sun
Orchestrates her ardent talent
Stirring the movement of this quiet water
To poignantly refract an illumination
Of moss covered pine and cypress trees
Yes, bright crystal sparklers of light arrayed
And dazzling with the joy of the Spring breeze

In awe and amazement we stare
Entranced by this festive,
Sequestered beauty
Of Nature's eloquent salsa,
Perpetual twirl
Twisting, shaking and turning
With prodigious and perfect symmetry,
Poise and charmingly romantic ease

Pitts writes about nature, love, and her faith in God. Each poem is a joyful celebration-- jubilant, as the title of the collection suggests, and often playful. Sometimes the words seem ready to overflow the poem with their exultant energy. In this joyous tone, Pitts combines images with metaphor. Often Pitts uses images as she does words, layering them on top of one another; they are extravagant and plentiful, like a garden in full bloom.

The syntax of the poems is unusual, different enough from everyday speech to create a unique rhythm which will grab readers' attention. Many of the poems read like a stream of consciousness. One image leads into another, creating something like a list, which is punctuated by the author's insights, giving the entire collection a dreamy feeling. Pitts maintains a cohesive style throughout the book and has arranged her work so that each poem leads smoothly into the next. The effect is that the collection reads like one long, joyful poem.

Earline Pitts' poems hint at the sadness and pain she has experienced in her life, especially the loss of one of her children. Though readers will have a sense of this loss, Pitts always maintains her faith in God and the joy that she derives from it. She does not choose to focus on her struggle, but rejoices instead in her belief that there is a greater purpose to our lives.

As I read her poems, I could not help admiring Pitts for her optimism, as well as her ability to live in the moment, loving the world around her, honoring both others and herself. Readers will surely come to know Pitts as a kind, energetic, and ever hopeful person. Reading her poems reminded me to focus on the joy in my own life, to find what is positive and truly celebrate that. Earline Pitts provides an example for anyone who would like to leave challenges behind and focus instead on life's blessings.

Quill says: A collection of poems overflowing with joyful energy.

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