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Author Interview: John F. Rooney

Today we're talking with John F. Rooney, author of Unprotected Love (Book 3 in the Lieutenant Denny Delaney series)

FQ: There are a great deal of theatre references in this novel. Can readers assume you are a huge purveyor of the theatrical entertainment that NYC has to offer? And, did any of your ideas “spring” from that City?

Over the years I have seen thousands of Broadway and off-Broadway plays and musicals. At one time I saw every theater of the absurd play that was on stage in the city. I particularly love musicals, although there haven’t been many plays I’ve missed. Sondheim and Jerry Herman are particular favorites, I think because of a tin ear, I’ve never developed a real fondness for opera or concerts. New York City is my inspiration and though I live in Florida now, I manage to get back there three or four times a year. I always see at least four shows on a trip to New York City.

FQ: Your research and knowledge on the police Special Crimes Unit is extremely rich and detailed. Do you work with the police? Or, have investigators helped with the research for your novels?

I try to avoid too much contact with the police. I want to sound authentic, but I don’t like to get so technical that I turn off readers. I learn a lot by reading crime books and crime stories in newspapers. I never watch TV crime shows.

FQ: This book shows an absolute love for NYC. Almost every page tells of a “site,” restaurant, landmark, building…can readers assume that you were born or lived there for a time?

I’ve spent many years in and around New York City, and it’s my favorite place in the world. I just don’t like winters in New York, beyond a pretty snowy day. New York has it all as far as I’m concerned. My family started bringing me to New York when I was about six, and I’ve been hooked on it ever since. I still love the show at Radio City Music Hall. Love the Rockettes.

FQ: Your writing shows an extreme sensitivity and wisdom for the “gay” community. Your characters, such as Tim, are presented with a kindness that not all writers show. Can you tell us a little bit about the research and/or issues that are important to you to highlight in your novels?

Let me see how a person treats a minority member such as a homosexual, and I’ll tell you whether that person has true humanity. It’s so easy to scapegoat, to blame others, to laugh at overweight people, to ridicule a religion, to blame all terrorism on Muslims. A person’s dislikes and hatreds are mirrors into the soul. We need to love and respect every human being and glory in that person’s uniqueness and diversity.

FQ: There are other novels written by you other than Denny Delaney. Can you give readers information on those titles? As well as the thought process behind the creation of them?

My two novels Daemon in Our Dreams and Last Passage to Santiago were attempts (good ones I thought) to blend a strong fiction story with the experience of travel, specifically a cruise. Daemon mined the world of the paranormal and Passage was more of a love story with a thriller twist. The Rice Queen Spy is my best novel because it is deeper and richer than the others. It explores a man’s life and gets to the man’s inner psyche.

FQ: I am aware that you received your M.A. in Arts and Science from Columbia University and went on to work in many different industries. Is writing now your number one pursuit?

Writing is the most important thing I do. I love to write reviews for Amazon and have written over 400.

FQ: You mention Michael Connelly in your novel. Just wondering whether or not he is among your list of favorites?

I love a whole group of British crime writers, but the only American crime writer I really love is Michael Connelly because his plots are so devilishly clever.

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