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Author Interview: Jerome Peterson

Our interview today is with Jerome Peterson, author of Thumb Flagging.

FQ: Okay, Mr. Peterson, fess up. How much of Thumb Flagging is autobiographical?


FQ: Which adventures really happened to you, and where did you take artistic license?

Although I have had hitchhiking experience, Thumb Flagging is based on artistic license. Without it, true life rides would be too dull and monetous.

FQ: With every ride he takes, Jaybird learns a new life lesson. What do you hope readers learn from you book?

Just as music, painting, scuplture, and any other art form is judged objectively so it is with novels. Thumb Flagging is about levels of emotion and mental barriers. You get what you get depending on your belief system.

FQ: What life lessons did you personally learn from hitchhiking that continue to serve you to this day?

Extending vision daily to understand the nature of things, which include accepting people for what they do and who they are.

FQ: Tell us about looking “cross-eyed” at a situation? What exactly does that mean to you?

Looking "cross-eyed" is looking out of focus or like looking through a kalidoscope at a situation that a pilgrim would be suscpious of. It's also a synonom of "double vision." What this means to me is tired eyes that are pushing the envelope to a headache.

FQ: What do you think Jaybird would be doing today?

I think Jaybird would be still saving money so he could take Chloe to Ireland.

FQ: What project are you working on now? Do you have another book coming out? A novel about overrated family members. Yes I do have another book coming out. The title of it is The Haunting of Andrew Sharpai. It is a book about human beings trying to be spiritual beings when after much conflict they realize they are simply spiritual beings trying to be human.

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