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Itchy Pig

Itchy Pig

By: Nicole Bruno Cox
Illustrated by: Jessie Judge
Publisher: Inkshares, Inc
Publication date: March 2016
ISBN: 9781941758571
Reviewed by: Jennifer Tilley-Voegtle
Review Date: May 8, 2016

Itchy Pig is a delightful children’s story about a little pig with big allergies that loves to be outdoors. He enjoys being outdoors rain or shine, beach or mountain. Itchy pig lives in a barn on a farm with his mom and lots of other animals including his good friend, a little mouse, who is always there by his side to watch out for him and help. On a particularly beautiful sunny day Itchy Pig just has to go outside to play! But little Itchy Pig’s mom knows how serious his allergies are and warns Itchy Pig that going outdoors may make him sick. Unfortunately, he just can’t help himself! He must go out and enjoy the day!

While Itchy Pig is outside he revels in the beauty of the day, enjoying nature to the fullest! Unfortunately, while reveling in the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors, he is exposed to all kinds of allergens and soon discovers that despite the joys of being outside, he’s not feeling so well. With runny eyes, itchy skin, and giant sneezes, he heads back to the barn in sorry shape.

When Itchy Pig makes it back to his barn, his mom knows just what to do to make him feel better and gives him a cool oatmeal bath. Itchy Pig’s mom is aware of how much he loves the great outdoors but reminds him why it’s so important to take care while playing outside. All of the animals in the barn are also there to make sure he gets well soon, love him, and make sure he feels better. Itchy Pig’s mom reminds him that while being outside and exploring is quite wonderful he must take precautions and be careful. Itchy pig learns that as much as he loves being out and about in nature, its best to listen to mother and take heed of her advice.

Itchy Pig is a great book for children with allergies but will also be relatable for children who do not suffer from allergies. The lovingly told moral of the story is to listen to your mother or there may be rather unpleasant consequences.

The illustrations in this book are absolutely beautiful and will be very memorable to the child reading it. On each page there is a lovely, vibrant illustration that adds so much more to the written words. Itchy Pig’s little mouse friend is in almost every picture, there to support our poor, allergic, hero. There are also some unexpected images in the illustrations that provide another engaging aspect for a child to discover. Itchy Pig is rich with moral fiber as well as love and understanding. The young reader will learn about the importance of listening to one’s mother while enjoying life responsibly.

Quill says: Itchy Pig is a lovely book that is sure to become one of your child’s favorites!

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