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Into the Violet Gardens

Into the Violet Gardens

By: Isaac Nasri
Publisher: Kindle Direct
Publication Date: August 2021
ISBN: 979-8-478429386
Reviewed by: Katie Specht
Review Date: November 17, 2021

From emerging author Isaac Nasri comes his second novel, Into the Violet Gardens, a thrilling story of science fiction, complete with cyborgs, political unrest, and virtual government officials.

Nasri’s sci-fi tale takes place in the year 2024 in Latin America. In this world, cyborgs are an everyday and integral part of society accepted by humanity. There even exists a virtual division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Our protagonist, Troy Levi, is a cyborg working with the FBI who helps to eliminate the power of the cartel that has been dominating the region.

However, in taking down the cartel, Levi unknowingly unleashes a social uprising and civil unrest that will change the very foundation of society as he knows it. Shortly after the dismantling of the cartel, Central Intelligence Agency agent Soriana Salazar is faced with a struggle to keep the relationship between humans and cyborgs amicable.

Accompanied by their respective agencies, Levi and Soriana find themselves up against a ruthless group of cyborgs who are fixated on one goal: freedom. The tale that follows as they attempt to thwart an impending technological war is one of epic proportions.

With Into the Violet Gardens, author Nasri does a lot of things right. His story is action-packed, fast-moving, and compelling. The sci-fi aspect is evident and well-developed, which is sure to delight any fan of the sci-fi genre. His writing is seamless and flows from one scene to the next, as he paints an incredibly vivid picture of his version of dystopia. Nasri also incorporates issues of political unrest and tension in his story, which further enhance the image of the dystopian society that he has created.

Readers of Into the Violet Gardens will appreciate how Nasri wrote the story from the point of view of multiple characters. This unique style of writing helps to immerse the reader more fully into the narrative, allowing the reader to feel like he/she is experiencing the story firsthand alongside the characters in the book.

If there is any criticism to be found of this book, it is that the sheer number of characters may make it difficult for readers to follow them all. Readers may also struggle to identify or make a connection with all the characters, which is unfortunate, particularly since they were all developed to play a crucial role in Nasri’s story.

Quill says: Emerging author Isaac Nasri has penned a fast-moving, action-packed sci-fi thriller with Into the Violet Gardens. Sci-fi fans will cheer at the intense adventures the characters, both humans and cyborgs alike, experience throughout the story. The plot is multi-faceted and well-developed, complete with epic battles, political tension, and the potential damaging consequences of relying too heavily on technology.

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