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How to be Successful With Houseplants From the Plant’s Perspective

How to be Successful With Houseplants From the Plant’s Perspective

By: Jane C. Perry
Publication Date: February 2007
ISBN: 978-1411669345 
Reviewed by: Bill Alberts
Review Date: September 2008

How to be Successful with Houseplants from the Plant’s Perspective is a welcomed addition to any novice gardener’s bookshelf. This is a soft cover book with numerous color photographs to aid in visualizing the plant being described. Occasional lapses in continuity does not diminish the value of the presentations.

Unlike many how to books this one is short on terminology and is more like having a personal discussion with the author on how to deal with the various aspects of houseplant culture. This informal style aids the reader who is cautious around plants, or has had previously poor results with plants.

One section deals with the light requirements of plants, how a plant responds to various conditions, how to resolve specific problems when plants do not perform well, and when to recognize that the plant you own needs different types of conditions that you can control, such as constant warmth.

The next sections deal with soils, soil modification and watering. Perry notes that all too often a houseplant grower believes garden soil to be the ideal but experience proves that this is not the case and that various additives will serve the grower more effectively. The many pitfalls of watering which are encountered are also examined.

Treatment of insect pests are examined and handled in ways which are easily available to the house plant aficionado, everything from common house hold materials to products that can be purchased at a local plant store. Perry points out many effective methods, but without advising the reader to purchase hard to get toxic materials, something many other books frequently recommend.

A section detailing the variety of plants in which a houseplant grower is likely to encounter is presented with nice color photos and growing tips.

A final section on decorating with plants provides information about interior landscaping and the placement of your plants for optimal presentation.

Quill says: This small book is an excellent conversation with someone who loves and enjoys plants and wishes the same for the reader.

For more information on How to be Successful with Houseplants from the Plant’s Perspective, please visit the author's website at: Nature-In-Design

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