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Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Easter: with Colored Eggs, Flowers, and Prayer

Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Easter: with Colored Eggs, Flowers, and Prayer

By: Deborah Heiligman
Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books 
Publication Date: February 2007
ISBN: 978-1426300202
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: December 2009

Easter is a time when Christians celebrate "the Resurrection of Jesus Christ." People around the world have their own way of celebrating this sacred event. Preparations for this holiday start six weeks before with the observation of Lent. During this time many people have to think of something to give up, something that they like or enjoy doing. Perhaps you will give up candy or playing with video games. It is a solemn time for reflection on the last days of Jesus, not for enjoying ourselves.

Just before Lent, many people celebrate before their observation. For example in New Orleans people celebrate with the festival of Mardi Gras on Shrove Tuesday and in Olney, England people have pancake races. In this wonderful book you will learn about Holy Week including Palm Sunday, the "custom of washing other people's feet" on Thursday, Good Friday, the `round the world customs on Easter Eve and the "miracle of Jesus' resurrection" on Easter Sunday. It is a time of joyous celebration. Does your family do anything special on Easter?

This is a very well written, concise account of this very important Christian holiday. The photography and text highlight not only the solemnity of the celebration, but also the joy. The photography, although heavily centered in the United States, does have examples from around the world. In the back of the book there is a glossary, a map indicating where the photographs were taken, an excellent section where more factual information can be found, a recipe for "Franny's Tatales" and additional recommended book and web site resources.

Quill says: An excellent resource for teaching children about Easter.

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