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Her Best Catch

Her Best Catch

By: Lindi Peterson
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Publication Date: March 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61194-015-2
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: June 2011

This funny, upbeat, and uplifting story focuses on the life of Allison Doll. Now, Allison Doll’s life is going along at a normal pace - another adjective for normal? Her life is a bit boring. She works as an auditor and spends a great deal of her time listening to her Grandma Fola’s stories about her and her boyfriend and all the fun they have together; and dealing with her mother who is NOT happy about her birthday coming up. In fact, Allison doesn’t do very much for herself.

Right now Allison is spending her time putting together her mother’s fiftieth birthday party which will be held at Bubba Bob’s Barbecue, and staring at the dogwoods waiting for the Atlanta summer heat to hit full force. Allison’s best friends are Velvet and Trent. The three of them have been a close-knit trio for a very long time. Unfortunately, Velvet and Trent have decided to date, and as they start growing closer, Allison finds herself the odd man out. As she watches her two best friends fall in love, complete each other’s sentences, and dress to match each other’s outfits, Allison is becoming more and more uncomfortable around them. She even begins to refer to them as Trelvet (look out Brangelina!)

The one thing that Allison doesn’t expect is the spark of romance and fire that’s about to walk into her world. And, oddly enough, during her Sunday School class. When the handsome relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, Ashton Boyd, joins Allison’s Church and attends the class, Allison tries not to think about this incredible looking man who seems to have his ‘eye’ aimed directly at her.

From their first meeting, when Allison drops a cup of water into Ashton’s lap, to a church mission trip which could give them ample opportunity for a little alone time - the relationship begins to grow between the beautiful auditor who’s completely confused, and the athlete who has some very depressing things going on his life, yet still maintains a perfect smile for all his fans.

Add to this romance a hysterical grandmother, an envious Sunday School member named Braedyn who just might use the seven deadly sins to get the relief pitcher for herself, and a missing mother - and you have a story of faith, friendship, and fun.

Quill Says: An entertaining Christian story that all romance readers are sure to enjoy!

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