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Harmonology: An Insider’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Through Music

Harmonology: An Insider’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Through Music

By: Stephen O’Connor
Publisher: Harmonology
Publication Date: December 2014
ISBN: 978-0-6923-3642-7
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Date: April 13, 2015

As everyone knows, there are many guides on the literary scene that focus on saving or keeping a healthy relationship. They break down the right things to do when it comes to difficult times, stressful times, and the basic issues that come with everyday living that can ruin a relationship completely. And the answers given when it comes to keeping a relationship healthy in most of these guides make it seem as if that goal is not only unlikely – but impossible. Even the statistic of “over 50% of marriages...” is still used in everything from books to movies. But this new, path, shall we say, actually steps outside the box, bringing in the realm of music to help people through the tough times in order to stay happy, keep together and live a good life.

The cover and the actual “plan” will remind those out there of the astrological chart/the 12-months out of the year. Using the calendar, the author comes up with a theory based on the 12 note musical scale, and its direct relation to the month you were born. This is a theory that actually makes a great deal of sense and is riveting to read. But you MUST make sure you study, because this is not something that just pats you on the head and recites old “feel good” mantras; this is one that can make a difference.

Beginning easily, it is crystal clear to all of us that there are certain songs that “mark” an event in our lives. Our minds keep that particular music. And when certain songs appear on the radio, in a restaurant, etcetera, that immediate feeling – whether it be elation or absolute heartbreak – is directly tied to those moments we will remember forever. To be even clearer, the author makes a mention of the movie Jaws. All anyone needs to hear are the first two drumbeats from that song and you’re frightened. This will always relate to a horror show, causing fear and thrills down to your toes. This works with all music that your mind pieces together with a specific event. does this work in regards to the month you were born? In a very interesting way, Harmonologyshows the reader what “type” of relationship they will form with someone born...say, the same month they were as opposed to someone born exactly six months apart. Each relationship (and this stands for friends, children and parents, etc.), can work well and function successfully depending on the “harmonology” of that union. And on the dark side, the author can show you what went wrong with a broken relationship and why no harmony was attained.

The laws of actual nature and the laws of music are the same laws – which means they run in perfect harmony with each other. So as you read the examples given of relationships that this writer talks about, you get a better understanding of how you and the other person in your relationship (two notes, so to speak) can, will and/or won’t create a harmony...and why.

Although in the beginning the concept is ‘easy’ and highly interesting, Harmonology is not something you can completely and utterly understand on the first read. This is a true study guide and, yes, those with an understanding of music terminology will have an easier time with it.

Quill says: A fresh approach to educating people about the creation and maintenance of a relationship.

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