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God of All Creation: Life Lessons from Pets and Wildlife

God of All Creation: Life Lessons from Pets and Wildlife

By: James Robison with James Randall Robison
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
Publication Date: August 2012
ISBN: 978-307-45920-6
Reviewed by: Holly Weiss
Review Date: July 2012

Popular Colorado TV co-host of Life Today, James Robison, shares heart-warming stories about the life lessons taught to him by his pets and other animals. Only a devoted dog lover could write so passionately about the insights of grace and faith he learned from animals. God of All Creation is a book not simply for animal lovers but more so for those of us seeking comfort and inspiration in our walk with God.

Robison’s devout faith shines through the pages of God of All Creation. He likens a dog obeying his master’s voice to come back home out of a busy street to God urging us back into His care so that we can experience protection and blessing. Pets love us unconditionally. How apt that God, who loves us unconditionally, should choose His ministers from the animal kingdom to teach us the truths of the Bible.

Some life lessons in the book include:

• West African monkeys warn one another of approaching predators just as we can intercede if we see a friend in danger.
• Singing birds remind us to praise our Creator.
• Rescue dogs slowly come to trust their new owners much like those of us “going through the fire” know that God is with us.
• White tail deer, which use their keen sense of smell and hearing to detect danger, teach us to run from evil.
• Cats who stalk birds for hours remind us to be vigilant in our spiritual lives.

People who love animals and want a closer relationship with God will find God of All Creation enlightening and edifying. This reader yearned for the animal stories to be drawn out longer before the theological lesson was introduced. While the book tended to be preachy and a bit repetitious, the author’s zeal comes across as genuine. He certainly made his point, “If you can’t see God in everything, you won’t see God in anything.” The book is divided into twenty-eight short chapters and is peppered with illustrations and scripture quotations.

Quill says: God of All Creation is an inspiring story of how our pets can not only comfort us, but also reveal God’s grace and spiritual insights.

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