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Fatal February

Fatal February

By: Barbara Levenson
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
Publication Date: February 2010
ISBN: 978-1-933515-52-6
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: August 2011 

The word ‘allegedly’ is what gets a great deal of people into trouble in this story. In fact, for a woman by the name of Lillian Yarmouth, the press has already made sure that everyone in the greater Miami area has declared her 100% guilty of stabbing her husband with an antique silver letter opener. The problem? She’s not guilty.

Mary Magruder Katz is Lillian’s attorney. And when the story first begins, Mary is having one heck of a bad day. All she wanted to do was take her car to the car wash and get home through the ridiculous Miami afternoon traffic. What Mary doesn’t count on is being rear-ended by a man in a Corvette whose a real obstinate - yet, handsome - jerk. As the hands of fate will do at times, that small accident escalates into a whole new life for Mary. You see, Mary is an attorney, and the driver of the Corvette - Carlos Martin - just happens to be on his way to a real estate closing. He hires Mary on the spot and throws money at her, as she drives this particular jerk to his closing and does the “attorney” deeds that she was paid for. What she doesn’t know, is that this particular real estate closing is slightly against the law.

Because of Carlos, and Mary’s complete and utter attraction to the man, she suddenly finds herself without a job, a fiancé, and struggling to start her own private law firm. She is also suddenly sued by her old boss (A.K.A. the fiancé) for “sleeping” with a client, and is being investigated by the Bar. While going through all of this, Mary also has to deal with a new man in her life, some seriously difficult staffing issues in order to get an assistant with a brain, and trying like heck to defend Lillian Yarmouth and discover who, exactly, was the real “letter opener wielder.”

From the McMansions (which are now called ‘Starter Castles’) in Miami, to the “Concrete Canyon” where Lillian lives, this author does a fantastic job of showing Miami to the world. The affairs of the heart, as well as the underhanded business dealings, keep the book humorous as well as fast-paced for the reader. And unveiling the real criminal in all these twists and turns is a whole lot of fun!

Quill Says: A wonderful new name in the mystery realm! Readers will love jumping on board for the passion, thrills, and suspense that Ms. Levenson provides!

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