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Emily the Chickadee: Emily Waits For Her Family

Emily the Chickadee: Emily Waits For Her Family

By: Carol Zeleya 
Publisher: Richlee Publishing 
Publication Date: April 2008 
ISBN: 978-0979626500 
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler 
Review Date: December 2009

A little girl spotted a chickadee sitting on the branch of a nearby tree. She decided to call her Emily. The next morning she spotted Emily bringing little bits of leaves to start her nest. It was not in a tree, but in the flower box right outside the little girl's window. It would be a wonderful place to watch a bird family grow. She dreamily watched the nest until she saw three little eggs in it. Emily was keeping them warm and waiting patiently for her eggs to hatch. The little girl talked to Emily as she sat on the top of the fence and chirped at her. It wouldn't be long before the little ones arrived.

"Just twelve days later, what do I see? 
Another surprise waiting for me! 
In the nest with little Emily 
Are three baby birdies… 
One, two, three! 
She finally has her family, 
Yes, she's a mommy chickadee! 

This is a lovely true story of the author's experience with a chickadee who decided to build her nest where she could see and enjoy the life cycle of young birds. The magical look on the little girl's face while she is peering through her bedroom window brings out the magic that young children find when they discover the wonders of nature. The artwork is charming and meshes quite well with the tale. This book is one in a series of three.

Quill says: Emily the Chickadee would be a nice story to read and discuss during circle or story time in a homeschool or classroom setting.

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