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Drumossie (Echoes in Time Book 1)

Drumossie (Echoes in Time Book 1)

By: M. MacKinnon
Publisher: DartFrog Books
Publication Date: August 17, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-953910-76-9
Reviewed by: Katie Specht
Review Date: August 17, 2021

From M. MacKinnon, author of the Highland Spirits series, comes the first book in the new Echoes in Time series titled Drumossie. This book follows the story of four different characters in both present day and mid eighteenth-century Scotland.

Fiona is a historian in present-day Nova Scotia, Canada, who finds herself experiencing dreams of a particular person that she has never met, yet to whom she feels an unexplainable connection. To her utter shock, she happens to meet this very person when she travels to Scotland at her father’s request. Eilidh is a woman in 1745 who is forced into an arranged marriage with Cullen MacLeod. Ewan is a tour guide in present day who falls in love with Fiona. Finally, Drumossie tells the story of Iain, who enters the British army in the year 1745.

It is nearly impossible to categorize Drumossie into a particular genre, as this book seems to have something for everyone. There is romance, mystery, history and a plot twist the reader will never see coming. Readers that enjoy romance novels will appreciate the relationship between Fiona and Ewan. The question of who wants to kill Ewan will satisfy those readers whose preferred book genre is mysteries. History buffs will love learning about Drumossie Moor, the Battle of Culloden, Jacobites and other Scottish chronicles.

MacKinnon has crafted a compelling and suspenseful story of connection, family ties and mystery. Within the character’s intertwined stories, the relatable theme of second chances is evident. It may take the reader some time to adjust to the rhythm of the story, as it jumps from eighteenth century to present day as well as from character to character. Once readers acclimate to this unique style of writing, they will have a hard time putting the book down. One might think that reading the story of four different characters would be similar to reading four separate books, yet skilled author MacKinnon ties their stories together flawlessly. MacKinnon’s writing describes the plot and characters beautifully, effortlessly creating a mental picture as the reader enjoys the story.

Quill says: With Drumossie, MacKinnon has written an engaging and captivating tale of Scottish history, past lives, and romance. Throughout the story, the reader will find himself cheering for the characters, hopeful that each one finds what they are looking for. With something for everyone, this story is sure to please book lovers of any age.

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