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By: Lisa Wheeler
Illustrated by: Barry Gott 
Publisher: Carolrhoda Books 
Publication Date: September 2009
ISBN: 978-0822590286 
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler 
Review Date: December 2009 

The dino fans are clustering around the outside edges of the locker room hoping to get an autograph or at least a glimpse of their favorite players. A couple of blue Biters flags are held high, but a Grazers fan is closer to the locker room with his gold banner. Everyone is yelling and shouting and the game hasn't even started yet. You can easily imagine what they are hooting about. How do we play? HARD!!! What do we play with? Our feet!!! Here they go, onto the field. With scorecards in hand you can see and feel the excitement of the crowd as the players get ready. They are warming up by bending their legs and stretching their scales. The ref flips that coin and the Grazers start:

"Ankylosaurus makes the pass,
a sneaky side kick through the grass. 
Lesa traps it with his feet. 
Although he's small, 
his moves are sweet. 
He zigs. He zags. 
He scampers `round. 
The two defenders 
stand their ground." 

Back and forth they go. Whoa! Diplo scores and the Grazers’ fans go wild. T. Rex gets checked by Stegosaurus. Stego steals, but Pterodactyls uses his "clever claws" and takes the ball. The teams are moving fast, the fans are going wild! "They love their teams. They're having fun. It's Grazers-2 and Biters-1." This is the last game of the season. Everyone is playing with gusto and lots of spirit, but who is going to win?

This is an amazingly fun and exciting book to read. It is an ingenious way to learn about carnivorous dinosaurs (the biters) and herbivores (the grazers). The scorecard or programs the dino fans were holding were actual lists of the dinosaurs in each group. The blue and gold jerseys easily separated the groups and each player (Triceratops, Lesothosaurus, Pterodactyl, etc.) had their names on the back. Naturally your dino-soccer player/lover will go WILD for this book. Do you know which team the Pachycephalosaur plays for? After you read this book, you're going to know!

Quill says: A fun book to learn about soccer and dinosaurs!

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