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Days of the Dark: Book Three of the Highglade Series

Days of the Dark: Book Three of the Highglade Series

By: D.L. Jennings
Publisher: Indigo River
Publication Date: July 9, 2024
ISBN: 978-1-954676-75-6
Reviewed by: Katie Specht
Review Date: April 20, 2024

From fantasy author D.L. Jennings comes the third book in his Highglade series Days of the Dark, the thrilling conclusion to his award-winning, epic series chronicling the battle between humanity and the ferocious chovathi.

The battles that have played out between good and evil thus far in the Highglade series pale in comparison to what Jennings has in store for readers of Days of the Dark. The chovathi, the subsurface-dwelling, carnivorous creatures, have been restricted to their underground lairs for years, but now, with the help of a new, unexpected power, they rise stronger than ever and threaten even the strongest of gods. As the chovathi become stronger, the Holder of the Dead seeks to use their chaos as a distraction that will allow him to take down the gods that created the universe and usurp the throne for himself. As the battle ensues, seemingly ordinary Highgladers (people who hail from the village of Highglade), along with others, find themselves stepping up and becoming unlikely heroes as they fight in the epic battle for the balance of creation.

Jennings possesses an exceptional talent in his writing in that he can vividly create detailed depictions of fantasy worlds that fully immerse the reader within these worlds. The amazing level of detail that he describes only helps to further engross the reader during the course of the story. Jennings’s style of writing is, without a doubt, the type that will fully transport readers from simply passively reading the story in their living room to feeling like they are in the village of Highglade themselves, witnessing the battles and bloodshed firsthand.

In addition to creating detailed worlds, Jennings is also gifted at developing vibrant characters for his story. It is also necessary to note that he does not simply develop four or five characters, like a typical cast might be for an average book. The number of characters in Jennings’s story is staggering, yet, they are all thoroughly developed and play an important role in the progression of the plot. The plot itself is well-paced and moves along steadily without any stalling, and the action does not cease during the course of the story.

As a reader who had not read books one or two, it was easy to get a bit lost in the beginning, especially with all the unusual characters and region names. However, it was extremely helpful and smart on the author’s part to include maps of the region of the story’s setting, as well as a detailed glossary of terms, including characters, locations, and important artifacts. This allowed me to jump into the story and grasp a better understanding more quickly.

Quill says: Days of the Dark is the epic, sweeping conclusion to the fantasy Highglade series, complete with gods, vicious creatures, battles, suspense, mysteries, and death. If you’re looking for a book that will transport you to another world, Days of the Dark will not disappoint.

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