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Days of Future Past

Days of Future Past

By: Sally Smith O’Rourke
Publisher: Victorian Essence Press
Publication Date: August 2014
ISBN: 978-1-8914-3706-9
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Date: December 20, 2014 

Ann Hart has one of those dream romantic lives that all women wish for on the stars. Although there is one regret in her past, one painful remembrance, she journeyed on from that moment in her life to marry her husband, Alex, and live in what could only be seen as a ‘fairytale’ home; a bungalow that spoke of nature, beauty and peace. However, as with any love story, there is darkness and suspense waiting right around the corner. And in this case, for readers, that thrilling and captivating ‘unknown’ begins in seconds.

Alex was a warm, kind man who wanted to help people. Unfortunately, that kindness brought him a shortened life, leaving Ann to live in their bungalow alone and do her best to go on. A normalcy for Southern California, an earthquake, hits and scares many; yet instead of being a blisteringly painful moment in Ann or any of her family’s lives, the quake turns out to be a door that opens into the past.

Ted McConaughy is a trauma specialist, and because of this earthquake, he and Ann Hart run directly into one another…again. You see, Ted is the one regret that Ann has. She and Ted were once extremely happy together; to the point that they were even ready to walk down the aisle, when something Ted did led to their relationship breaking apart. But now, after all these years, Ted is far worse off than ever. In fact, he is spouting words that only a person from the 19th century would say; not to mention, speaking in a Scottish brogue that he does not usually own. This is where the past meets the present, and Ann and Ted find out that the present-day may not be the only time they have ever fallen in love.

This author does an amazing job of interweaving the beauty of another day and age with the harsh modern world. This is not a surprise, as this author has written works that mirror the life and times, the love and passion, of a Jane Austen realm. As readers become attached – quite quickly, in fact – to the main characters, they will find themselves drawn into a journey that they will never forget. Not only will mystery lovers be pleased, but the romantic and mystical, even supernatural fans out there, will be over the moon for this one.

Quill says: From the intriguing dialogue to the expansive plot that wraps around a truly unforgettable couple, this book has it all!

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