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Creative Kitchen Crafts

Creative Kitchen Crafts

By: Kathy Ross
Publisher: Millbrook Press
Publication Date: September 2010
ISBN: 978-1580138864
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: November 2010

When children are old enough to begin helping out around the kitchen and participating in some basic baking and cooking, it’s also time for them to put a few of their own personal touches around the kitchen. The first craft in this book is a simple, basic pattern for a kitchen cover-up that can be used not only for keeping clothes clean while working around the kitchen, but also when working on other messy craft projects. There are crafts that will suit a wide variety of tastes and purposes. For example, the youngster who enjoys saving $ will enjoy making a coupon holder to hang on the wall and the wannabe cook will find several craft “recipes” to work on such as a cooking utensil holder or a personalized recipe box.

Each craft is prefaced by a list of things needed for the selected creation. All directions are laid out step-by-step and are accompanied by great illustrated visuals to make things just that much easier. Most of the materials used are readily available or “green” items you may otherwise be placing in your recycle bin. Examples of typical supplies include white craft glue, markers, newspaper, paints, paintbrushes, scissors, plastic utensils, tin cans, wooden craft sticks, beads, aluminum foil, decorative trim, pencils, a hole punch, and other things such as rulers. There are some supplies that you may need to purchase, but most of them you probably already have. Here is a list of the twenty-five marvelous kitchen “recipes” in this book:

* Kitchen Cover-Up
* Recipe Box and Holder
* Recipes Cards and Markers
* Decorated Rubber Gloves
* Cheery Cherry Photo Magnet
* Party Cork
* Pretty Paper Napkins
* Napkin Basket
* Slow-Cooker Hat
* Decorated Bowl Covers
* Napkin Doll
* Flip-Flops Trivet
* Cookbook Page Markers
* Leaf Spoon Rest
* Bird Holders
* Cooking Utensils Holder
* Party Plates
* Clipped Recipe Book
* Fancy Flyswatter
* Coupon Holder
* Scrubbie Bag Dispenser
* Kitchen Scratch Pads
* String and Scissors Holder
* Glass Collars
* Clever Coasters

This is a wonderful book of kitchen “recipes” that will delight any youngster who loves to hang out in a kitchen. Each and every one of these crafts will prove to be a winner in the eyes of children who are anxious to join a parent or caretaker in the kitchen. They can also be made to give away as gifts. One of the most ingenious ones is the leaf spoon rest made out of a plastic water or soda bottle. It is not only a fun craft to make, but also a very functional one. I’ve read a couple more books in the “Girl Crafts” series and they have proven to be very popular with young crafters.

Quill says: If you have an up and coming chef in your house, this is one book you just might want to add to your list!

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