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Clifford of Drummond Island

Clifford of Drummond Island

By: Nancy Bailey
Publisher: Writers Club Press
Publication Date: March 2001
ISBN: 978-0-5951795-0-3
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: July 2008

Artist, wildlife enthusiast, and avid horsewoman Nancy Bailey has written a lovely book about her personal experiences with her beloved horse Clifford. Living in the scenic upper peninsula of Michigan, Nancy and Clifford spend their time exploring the lightly traveled roads and wooded trails around their home in Clifford of Drummond Island.

Before Clifford, Bailey had a horse whom she adored and spent endless hours spoiling, but when that horse unexpectedly died, Bailey thought she might never find another horse to share her life. Visiting a breeder, she was at first disappointed to find the young Clifford was the only horse for sale. Bringing the unruly horse home, she began to doubt her purchase, but Clifford, mischievous and with a heart of gold, soon wiggled his way into Bailey's heart.

Clifford of Drummond Island is really a grouping of short stories, some about Clifford, others about the wildlife that inhabits the island with the few humans. Nancy Bailey is a talented writer who is able to quickly bring the reader into her special world and share her love and connections with her animals. Clifford, the star of the book, is a comical horse who obviously adores Bailey but also insists on doing things his own way. Bailey isn't afraid to show these quirks and funny mis-adventures and that's what gives the book its charm. Clifford and Trudy, another horse of Bailey's, also have a special connection with the many dogs that share Bailey's attention. The horse/dog adventures are interspersed with stories about other animals who have touched Bailey's life. I particularly enjoyed the story about Rookie, the curious chickadee, Joe the Goat, and Frightful the Hawk. After reading this enchanting book, I feel like I know all of Bailey's special animal friends quite well. I highly recommend this book for a fun, memorable read.

Quill says: Read Clifford of Drummond Island and you'll fall in love with an inquisitive Morgan Horse.

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