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Christmas on Nantucket

Christmas on Nantucket

By: Leslie Linsley
Publisher: The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc.
Publication Date: October 2019
ISBN: 978-1-4930-4494-8
Reviewed by Diane Lunsford
Review Date: November 5, 2019

Leslie Linsley delivers a lovely compilation of Nantucket’s allure in her latest publication: Christmas on Nantucket.

This is a beautiful compilation of the many charms and draws that Nantucket, Massachusetts has to offer. Methodically laid out, the publication is broken into the many wonders of the Christmas season on this lovely island. It opens with ‘Christmas on Nantucket’ where the author sets the tone with the essence of Christmas: memories. The first page has a wintery scene laid out in all its glory on a page adorned with snowy streets and trees ablaze with holiday lighting. It steps beyond the first scene and showcases a picture of Brant Point Lighthouse, one of three on the island. As the book gains momentum, Ms. Linsley guides the reader on ‘A Christmas Stroll Around Nantucket’ with pictures and epithets that enlighten the reader about the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce’s festival the first week in December and the arrival of Santa and Mrs. Clause by boat only to be transported to a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of Nantucket.

Throughout the book, Ms. Linsley infuses subtle nuances of what makes Nantucket special to those who have made it their home year ‘round. The island is bountiful with its historic buildings and homes as much as it is magical with many specialty shops and eateries. It is also quite the artisans haven and many talented artists live on the island as a result. There is a sense of tradition throughout this read ranging from the history of the whaling community it was prior to the turn of the century to the types of wreathes (cranberry) hung on many doors during the season.

Ms. Linsley has done an admirable job of delivering a well-thought-out assemblance of all things Nantucket. I had the pleasure of spending a summer in Hyannisport years ago and made many a trip that summer across the water to Nantucket. Ms. Linsley has created a beautiful coffee table rendering of the beauty and allure of this magical place. In addition to the imagery, she has done her homework in showcasing the importance the community embraces when it comes to respecting the past not only in the architecture, but the overall ‘vibe’ of the beauty Nantucket has to offer. In summary, this book is a wonderful resource for the novice to pick up and read prior to making his or her ‘first voyage’ to Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Quill says: Christmas on Nantucket is a must add to one’s ‘bucket list’ of not only books to read, but places to go.

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