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Cat and Crow: An Amazing Friendship

Cat and Crow: An Amazing Friendship

By: Lisa Fleming
Illustrated by: Anne Marie Dominik-Harris
Publisher: Collage Books
Publication Date: September 2011
ISBN: 9780938728238
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: September 19, 2012

One day, a little kitten, lost and alone, with no mother to protect her, wandered into Ann and Wally Collito’s yard. Ann put food out for the kitten, hopeful that the kitten would eat and grow strong. The tiny animal was so small that when a gust of wind came roaring through the property, the poor little animal was blown around. But then the most amazing thing happened; a wild crow, seeing the kitten in distress, flew down from his perch, wrapped his wings around the animal, and protected her. From that day on, Cassie the cat and Moses the crow were the best of friends.

Cassie and Moses spent every day playing, running through the Collito’s vegetable garden, tossing toys back and forth, and sharing their daily meals. In the winter, the cat went indoors with the Collitos, but still came outside to play each and every day. Perhaps the most amazing of all was the way these two friends protected each other; Moses urged Cassie out of the road and away from an oncoming car, while Cassie hissed and snarled and chased away not one, but two natural enemies of the crow - a big tomcat and a trouble-making dog.

Cat and Crow is based on an amazing true story of friendship between two natural enemies. The author had heard of this unusual relationship and knew that their story had to be told. Meeting with the Collitos, she was introduced to Cassie, the cat in the story (by this time the crow, after four years, had disappeared), and soon put to words the animals’ beautiful story. The illustrations are lovely and add much to the tale, making this a delightful children’s book. At the back of the book is an update on what happened to Cassie and Moses, pictures of the pair at play, a two-page spread with newspaper clippings on the remarkable friendship, two pages of facts about crows, followed by two pages of cat facts. Finally, be sure to check out the youtube videos of Cassie and Moses (just search on ‘cat and crow’) so you can see for yourself what makes this bond so special.

Quill says: An amazing, wonderful true story, told with love and understanding about the remarkable bond two unusual friends shared. Don’t miss this book!

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