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Bunker Hill: Drums of War, Volume 2

Bunker Hill: Drums of War, Volume 2

By: Peter Reese Doyle
Publisher: Powder Springs Press
ISBN: 978-1-937437-01-4
Reviewed by: Mary Lignor
Review date: April 10, 2013

On to Book Two, Bunker Hill, Paul Revere has gone on his famous midnight ride to warn Middlesex County, Massachusetts that “the British are coming.” First thing in the morning the first shots of the American Revolution were fired in Lexington. That was also in April of ’75. In this second book, Andrew and Nathan are pulled in to help deliver a load of goods from their fathers’ business to New York. Being the good patriots that they are, the boys are helping to take gunpowder to the patriots in Cambridge, MA. They go on to do their thing of carrying messages back and forth to the Colonial Generals and their men. Meanwhile, the British ships in Boston harbor start to attack Bunker and Breed’s Hills. The boys are dodging cannon fire going back and forth behind the lines.

The author really knows his subject as the reader will sit and read this book until the end non-stop even though most Americans know the story by heart. This was the first stand-up and fight battle of the Revolution and it seemed that the War for Independence had begun. The New Englanders really knew their stuff as they drove the British back three times before they finally ran out of ammunition and had to retreat.

Meanwhile, back home in Williamsburg the two girls had discovered that one of the students in their music class was a British spy, so they are also holding up their end of the family business. Also, in this installment, the Clouds of War are gathering and the delegates of the Continental Congress have just appointed Colonel (soon to be General) George Washington to lead the Continental Army. Washington, at this time, has vowed to drive the British out of Boston.

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