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Born Mistakes

Born Mistakes

By: Mika Mathews
Publication Date: April 29, 2023
ASIN: B0C4147R8P
Reviewed by: Tripti Kandari
Review Date: January 23, 2024

Born Mistakes by Mika Mathews is a poignant journey of two teenagers toward self-dependency and the formation of an unbreakable bond that defies traditional notions of kinship.

Davis’s life as a teenager takes an unexpected turn when he becomes a single parent out of wedlock. Davis is on his own without the protection of a marital framework or the safety net of parental support, bearing the tag of 'curse' on his family. While he struggles with the problems of teenage fatherhood and making an adequate living, Deven emerges as an autonomous force with a complex past marred by an abusive family. As the universe conspires to bring these two young individuals together, unbeknownst to them, the chance encounter will set the stage for a harmonious blend of their shared aspirations, creating fresh prospects and planting the seed of hope...

Mathews’ reluctance to romanticize the experience of young fatherhood is a laudable part of the book. There is also a sense of sincerity in the portrayal of Deven's journey – transitioning from an abused child to a foster child and eventually becoming an independent individual. The story adeptly captures the impact of past trauma by illustrating how Deven still bears the scars of his past in the form of mental health concerns. The description of challenges the characters face is realistic, enabling readers to identify with them and their trials in life.

The author has refrained from mentioning the story's setting. The absence of context portrays the characters' stories as indicative of universal experiences. The ambiguity of the setting also encourages readers to appreciate the universality of the stories and their struggles as youths caught up in a fateful destiny.

Born Mistakes is not a narrative about struggling against the natural course of life’s events. It is about how one makes the most of one's situation, regardless of the difficulties that life presents. For youngsters, it serves as a mirror of complexity, demonstrating that mistakes are inevitable and encouraging them to make educated decisions. The two teenagers' journey serves as a reminder that life's obstacles are not insurmountable, and perseverance is the key that allows for transformation and the quest for a better life.

The story also underscores the value of communication between parents and children. It emphasizes the significance of understanding and support, encouraging parents to create an environment in which children feel comfortable sharing their issues and feelings. Mathews' work is a departure from his regular field of magic and fantasy. It brilliantly illustrates the tremendous potential that the author holds in writing for young adults, inspiring future works to dive deeper into the complexity of characters' minds.

Quill says: Born Mistakes offers a glimpse into the delicate dance of life adversity and inner strength, emphasizing the transformational power of a helping hand toward positive change.

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