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Bodie and The Burnt Orange Sunset

Bodie and The Burnt Orange Sunset

By: Rick King
Illustrated By: Mario Rivera
Publisher: Lone Star Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: December 2010
ISBN: 978-1-5898-0875-1
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: December 21, 2010

It is an absolute pleasure for someone who used to live in the great Lone Star State, to receive a book that’s literally dedicated to the Longhorn that went from being a tiny little runt to Bevo – the beloved, cherished mascot of the University of Texas.

This fantastic tale allows readers to watch Bodie, a steer who was born deep in the heart of Texas, become a literal icon. He came into the world just as the sun was setting one peaceful evening; and, as his Mama and Papa beamed with love and pride, the sky turned the most beautiful shade of burnt orange. In this state that is inundated with miles and miles of big sky, burnt orange is a true blessing, and everyone on the farm knew that this tiny calf was going to be something special. Now, of course, all the animals teased him because for a Longhorn, let’s just say that Bodie was on the extremely small side. In fact, he’d be called a runt by many. But Bodie knew that no matter how many animals teased him, he would one day make them all eat their words.

From page to page we see Bodie and what he has to face along the path to his future; he stumbles across quite a number of mean, angry critters until one day a tornado (something Texas has certainly seen before) was created by a wondrous feat that Bodie made happen. Sure enough, we readers route for Bodie as he grows big and strong and decides to pay a visit upon the animals and people who did him wrong in the past.

This is a fantastic tale that not only is a fun read for children, but also a great gift for Texas fans who truly love their mascot – Bevo. Included in the book is also a great background history of the real Bevo, who is a true Texas Longhorn that has been a staple at the University of Texas football games since 1966. Part of Bevo’s background even includes facts about the Silver Spurs, an organization that specifically cares for him, as well as Bevo’s presence at a presidential inauguration.

Quill says: The tale of Bodie is not only a fun read that parents will enjoy with their children, but it also offers incredible illustrations. Whether a UT fan, or not, the historical information, mixed with an extremely well-drawn tale that focuses on overcoming difficult odds and persevering through all types of hardships in order to get your dream, makes this an absolutely charming and unforgettable read. I would say that Bodie is a character that will be revered just as highly as Ferdinand the Bull has been for decades. This is a definite ‘must-buy’ present!

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