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Beyond the Myth: How to Live the Life You Desire

Beyond the Myth: How to Live the Life You Desire

By: Maria T. Holmes
Publisher: Get Published
Publication Date: January 2011
ISBN: 978-0983094616
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: August 15, 2011

You might think that it would be relatively quick and easy to read and review a brief, 56-page book, with minimal text and lots of photos (gorgeous photos, by the way). Not so. Beyond the Myth, although short in length, is the type of book you want to read slowly so that you capture and understand the deeper meaning within each page’s offering while enjoying the positive message that it offers.

In her new book, author Maria Holmes introduces the reader to the “Law of Attraction,” what it is, what it isn’t, how it can help you, as well as how to successfully incorporate it in your life. First, we’re given an overview of how the Universe works, and how its very nature affect us. Holmes tells us that the Universe is made up of energy and that this energy “moves all around us and through us, linking everything we do, say, think, and feel with many other people, in many other places.” (pg. 11) Taking this further, our bodies are also made up of energy, the cells we all know flowing through our bodies, and they, in turn, consist of atoms, which are “composed of subatomic particles – essentially energy.” (pg. 15) Sound confusing or outlandish? The author backs up her assertion with numerous quotes from various philosophers and authors and even includes two physicists - Max Planck (considered the father of quantum theory) and Albert Einstein.

Understanding that both the Universe and humans consist of energy, we can then put the Law of Attraction to use. What is this “law”? It states that “…your thoughts directly shape the events which occur in your life. If you want something to happen and you are able to focus enough intellectual and emotional energy on it, you can make it so.” (pg. 17) How, exactly, can one make positive things happen? It’s not as simple as wishing something and pop, it happens. Rather, it’s a process that requires you to really believe it is possible while staying focused, determined, and positive. The author presents her principles of the Law of Attraction, elements you need if you are to attain that which you want. Desire, Visualization, Gratitude, Belief, and Faith must be incorporated into your approach and we’re shown what each of these is, and how to use them to achieve the life we want.

Whether you choose to believe the premise put forth in Beyond the Myth, the message, of positive thinking and attitude, is something that we can all embrace. I’m reminded of a co-worker who is consistently negative in everything she does and in everything she says. Those pessimistic words and actions have a direct effect on her – she’s miserable – and of those around her, who wish to avoid her at all costs.

A review of Beyond the Myth would not be complete without mentioning that this is an attractive book. The photography, as previously mentioned, is stunning and there are a myriad of beautiful quotes, both by the author, as well as famous philosophers, authors, etc., on almost every page.

Quill says: If you’d like to explore how positive energy can enhance your life, read Beyond the Myth.

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