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Bear and Bird

Bear and Bird

By: James Skofield
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
Publication Date: February 2014
ISBN: 978-1585368358
Reviewed be: Deb Fowler
Review Date: March 6, 2014

A butterfly fluttered above the flowers in the meadow, but there was something else in the grass. “Help, help!” Bear looked down and saw a tiny bird nestled in the grass. It had taken a tumble from its nest in a nearby tree. “I am learning to fly,” Bird explained to Bear, “but I became dizzy and fell.” That would never do so Bird somehow managed to hop, hop, hop up Bear’s body and on to her shoulder. Bear got bird back into the tree and began to meander across the field and into the woods. No, that would not be the end of that because they soon became fast friends.

Every day they met in the meadow and foraged for berries. Bird sat on Bear’s shoulders and together they had a feast at the blueberry bush. Nom, nom, nom! The berries were plentiful and the days were long. At night “Bird flew into the trees to sleep” and "Bear walked back into the woods." The summer days soon began to fade and turn into fall. Bird kept watch for the hunters and warned bear. Every year things began to repeat themselves. In the fall Bird flew south and “Bear felt lonely without Bird.” One year when Bird returned, Bear was nowhere to be found. Where had she disappeared to?

This is a beautifully heartwarming tale of friendship and loss. Bear and Bird have a marvelous friendship as they explore the meadows and woods together each summer. They miss each other when it’s time for Bird to leave and when Bird returns it’s a joyous time. The loss is when Bird comes back and Bear is nowhere to be found. There is a nice twist at the end that helps ease Bird’s loneliness. The artwork fills the pages with delightfully whimsical snapshots of a beautiful friendship as the two friends enjoy their lives together. This tale about the cycle of life and death is one that can be used as a comforting read and discuss book if needed. A beautiful tale that young and old alike will enjoy.

Quill says: This is a tale that gently illustrate the joys and heartbreak of the cycle of life that young children can learn from.

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