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Bay of Sighs: Book Two of the Guardians Trilogy

Bay of Sighs: Book Two of the Guardians Trilogy

By: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Berkley Books
Publication Date: June 2016
ISBN: 978-0-425-28011-9
Reviewed By: Kristi Benedict
Review Date: August 9, 2016

Years and years ago three powerful goddesses created three stars to celebrate the birth of a new queen - the fire star, the water star, and the ice star. However, another goddess who is possessed by evil, Nerezza, plots to steal these powerful stars and when they fall from the heavens she knows that this is her chance to possess them. The only hope to defeat the evil goddess is six unique individuals who have to learn to work as one to find each star before they land in the hands of Nerezza.

After finding the fire star in Corfu, six individuals who used to be strangers are now battling side by side to find the three stars that fell from the heavens. With the first one, the fire star, hidden in a secure place, their search for the water star brings them to the island of Capri. Using Sasha’s visions of the future, Bran’s magic, Annika’s knowledge of the water, Sawyer’s time traveling, Riley’s contacts and research, and finally Doyle’s strength and battle strategies, they have learned to make an unbreakable team that contributes equally in their own unique way. They all know that Nerezza will not stay away for long, as they beat her back once but that means the next time they meet she will come back even stronger. However, for now all they are sure of is that the water star is hidden somewhere in the waters around Capri and they must search out every possible location until they find it.

Being so close to the sea, Annika especially feels right at home, for as a mermaid she is of the sea and always will be. So, she is happy to see that she can be of some help when the group dives in specific caves around the island looking for the water star. A feeling that has continued to grow and now is hard for her to push away is her attraction to Sawyer. There is no denying that there is something special between them but unfortunately Annika knows that she can only be on land for a limited amount of time and when this quest is over she must return to the sea and leave the people on land behind.

After hurting Nerezza and finding the first star, Sawyer knows that he is in good company with the five people he now sees as his greatest friends. There is no doubt in his mind though that Annika is occupying his thoughts more and more. Of course how could they not for he would have to be blind to not see how beautiful, graceful, and kind she is but he knows that she has a limited time on the land and he doesn’t want to make it harder on her to return to the sea. Now, his only focus should be the mission, to find the stars together as a group, any other thought could be detrimental to the quest and the safety of the world.

It was pure excitement when I received this book and was able to finally read this second installment of The Guardians Trilogy for I wanted to start it as soon as I finished the first one several months ago. Author Nora Roberts did not disappoint at all as I was swept up into this amazing world filled with unforgettable characters. The dynamic characters that Roberts created for this series are so outstanding and work so amazingly well together that I can’t help but be transported to another world when reading this book. It was also wonderful to see the story from another character’s eyes as that added another great element to an already fantastic book.

Quill says: There are not enough good things to say about this book - this kind of novel reminds me why I absolutely love reading!

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