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Baby Out of Wedlock: Co-Parenting Basics from Pregnancy to Custody

Baby Out of Wedlock: Co-Parenting Basics From Pregnancy to Custody

By: Jim and Jessica Braz
Publisher: Boow LLC
Publication Date: May 2021
ISBN: 978-1-7368168-0-6
Reviewed by: Diane Lunsford
Date: May 24, 2021

Husband and Wife team, Jim, and Jessica Braz, team up and deliver a ‘how to’ guide in their release of: Baby-Out of-Wedlock: Co-Parenting Basics from Pregnancy to Custody.

Jim and Jessica Braz make it clear from the beginning that they are not lawyers, nor doctors. However, the journey they embarked upon in writing this book is based on both of their experiences of having a child ‘out-of-wedlock.’ Neither opted to marry their significant others when they respectively learned they would welcome a new life into the world. To clarify, in both instances, their respective situations were prior to the two of them eventually meeting, marrying, and having a child together. It’s key to note neither are ‘experts’ in the field of ‘how to’ have a child out of wedlock. Rather, they are writing from experience. The wealth of co-parenting information they present chapter upon chapter is laid out in logical steps from conception to birth and thereafter, sans a married parental unit.

The book opens with an overview of why you should choose to read this book versus other offerings on the subject. The ‘why’ is further supported with the purpose of the book. The latter is clearly stated with Jim’s account as well as Jessica’s account concerning both of their ‘out-of-wedlock’ children. On the heels of Chapter One, Chapter Two launches into the essence of the ‘Surprise, I’m Pregnant’ revelation to what’s next. Mind you, no time is wasted in addressing the proverbial elephant in the room. Exactly how does one address the question on everyone’s mind (especially Daddy’s): is it mine? Ergo, ‘Paternity Test.’ Once this notion is out in the open, Jim relaxes into a cadence of backtracking and the series of chapters that unfold thereafter are full of the inherent (and important) message of: The child is foundational and is the center of everything from this point forward in life regardless of marriage or no marriage, together or apart.

I was intrigued to read this body of work because I wanted to understand how Jim and Jessica Braz not only intended to present the premise, but how would they ‘educate’ the many walks of life who opt for a child (or children) out of wedlock. I found in each consideration Jim and Jessica hit the mark. However, the authors felt compelled to consistently remind the reader that: ‘...If you are happily married or happily engaged, or even if you just know your partner is ‘the one,’ then this book is not for you...’ The first time I came across this suggestion, I thought it made sense. However, it seemed this caution was peppered throughout the entire read. Again, books and subject matter are subjective. As a reviewer, I found this caveat the further I got into the read, distracting, i.e., let the audience ‘out-of-wedlock’ or happily married determine this versus telling them how to approach the subject matter. But overall, Jim and Jessica provide a well-rounded guide for the parents out-of-wedlock to ‘co-parent’ the most important person in their respective lives: their child.

Quill says: Baby out of Wedlock is a great recommendation for those who choose to have a child out of wedlock and want to do the very best in co-parenting the child.

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