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Author Interview: Vera Richard Harris

Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Ellen Feld is talking with Vera Richard Harris, author of My Mom has Superpowers: A Kids Book about Faith and Believing

FQ: Tell our readers a little about yourself. Your background, your interests, and how this led to writing a book?

HARRIS: I am a Retired Combat Army Veteran. After service to my country, I worked as a Business Advisor, Consumer Safety Technician, and as a Teacher's Assistant to special needs high school students. Currently I volunteer as a reading volunteer for elementary school age kids. I also enjoy working in my church and traveling and meeting people everywhere. My goals are to encourage and promote reading to all kids. I was inspired by my grandson to write children's books.

FQ: Have you always enjoyed writing or is it something you’ve discovered recently?

HARRIS: Yes, I have always enjoyed writing since I was young. I can remember doing book reports for class assignments. I would always make my book report so engaging that my classmates would be drawn into whatever topic I reported on (I remember doing a book report on the weather and I still remember seeing the interest in my classmates' eyes! (lol)!

Writing children's books is a field that has brought so much pleasure, thanks to my outstanding grandson!

FQ: Tell us a little about your book – a brief synopsis and what makes your book unique.

HARRIS: Lillian always thought her mom could read her mind, but can she?

Follow along on this exciting journey as Lillian learns about faith.

Hebrews 11:1 tells us what faith is according to the Bible: "Now faith is the substantiation of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."

FQ: What was the impetus for writing your book?

HARRIS: The driving force for writing, My Mom Has Superpowers! A Kids Book about Faith and Believing was to remind kids that they don't have to always look for movie stars, athletics, singers, etc. as people to look up to. Kids have Superheroes right in their home and may or don't even know it.

FQ: Please give our readers a little insight into your writing process. Do you set aside a certain time each day to write, only write when the desire to write surfaces, or ?

HARRIS: I enjoy writing in the morning with a cup or two or three of coffee and with my dog, M.J. near or around me. I often steal away to my computer. I open up the blinds behind me and when I get stuck on what to write I look outside at the birds, trees, and it can refocus again.

FQ: Where do you think you’ve improved the most in your writing process and ability and how do you think you have evolved?

HARRIS: I think that I have improved the most in my writing process because I invest in great editors and follow their instructions and recommendations. I have learned so much from great, knowledgeable editors and I am truly blessed that my current editor on my latest book keep returning my manuscript back until it was better. She was a beast! But I am so grateful and thankful to her and her company.

FQ: Did your family & friends encourage you to write your book?

HARRIS: Yes, my wonderful grandson, he is a teenager now encouraged and inspired me to write all of my children's books. My recent book, My Mom has Superpowers! A Kids Book about Faith and Believing idea came from the past few years. I stepped out on faith and decided to write a Children's Christian/ Spiritual book to inspire kids to keep on being great. And kids love Superheroes! but, they just have not figured out that they are surrounded by Superheroes daily.

FQ: Was the plot worked out completely before you started or did it evolve as your wrote?

HARRIS: Without giving away too much, yes, the plot did change! I got into the story so much that I went back and changed the story to keep the reader wanting more. Since my book is about Faith and Belief, that is how both works, ha-ha.

FQ: What was the most difficult part of writing this book?

HARRIS: The most difficult part of writing this book was to not come across as "preachy" or judgmental. I understand people view their faith differently from each other. And since parents, and other care takers would be the one buying the book for their children, I did not want to come off as I was trying to get them to believe the way I believe. I just wanted them to enjoy and maybe learn something from the book that was right there with them all the time.

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