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Author Interview: Kellie Savery Langan

Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Ellen Feld is talking with Kellie Savery Langan, author of The Adventures of Tinkie and Bobo: A Magical Friendship Begins.

FQ: Tell our readers a little about yourself. Your background, your interests, and how this led to writing a book?

LANGAN: When my sister and I were young my mom would tell us stories about a mermaid named Tinkie. We then conned my unsuspecting father into telling us stories too. His were about a bunny named Bobo.

Cut to 2022 and my son, Tyler, is asking me to tell him a story. I started making up stories by just making the two original characters friends and creating my own plots. I of course began running out of material quickly and had to start writing these stories down so I had more content for my story-loving child. This is how The Adventures of Tinkie and Bobo, the series began.

FQ: Have you always enjoyed writing or is it something you’ve discovered recently?

LANGAN: I have always enjoyed writing, though I had never written in this genre. I've always written thrillers because that is what I'm most drawn to.

FQ: Tell us a little about your book – a brief synopsis and what makes your book unique.

LANGAN: I think the most unique thing about the book is the backstory however, a friendship between a bunny and a mermaid brings a uniqueness all its own.

Tinkie and Bobo are friends amongst all of their differences. The book tells a sweet story of the pair with a bit of humor in there for the parents and children to enjoy.

FQ: The genre of your book is Children's Picture Books. Why this genre?

LANGAN: It came very naturally since my 3 year old son loves to read, I am constantly reading him new books. I love the way his face lights up when I read to him and how engaged he is. It reminds me of my own love of stories.

FQ: Do you have any plans to try writing a book in a different genre? If so, which genre and why?

LANGAN: I do have an unfinished manuscript of guessed it thriller. It will be an all new adventure for me that I will put on hold until the release of the next two Tinkie and Bobo books are released.

FQ: Who are your favorite authors?

LANGAN: As it pertains to Children's books I would say that changes daily but my favorite adult fiction is Ruth Ware, hands down!

FQ: As an author/writer, what famous author (living or dead), would you like to have dinner with, and why?

LANGAN: Stephen King. I have so many questions! I love his stories and creep factor that he brings to each. I would love to get inside that brain.

FQ: What is your all-time favorite book? Why? And did this book/author have any influence over your decision to become an author?

LANGAN: The Five People You Meet in Heaven. This book changed my life. I read it every 5 or 6 years. It made me re-think my life and the actions I take.
Perhaps it did influence me...I love Mitch Albom and his work is very influential.

FQ: If you were to teach a class on the art of writing, what is the one item you would be sure to share with your students and how would you inspire them to get started?

LANGAN: Great question!! I would pass on some advice I found while taking one of my writing courses. It would be that most of the writing process is rewriting. That changed my whole outlook on the process and gave me the freedom to get out of my head.

FQ: Is this the first book, the second, etc. in the series and how many books do you anticipate writing in this series?

LANGAN: The Adventures of Tinkie and Bobo is a series. A Magical Friendship Begins was the 1st book to be released with the 2nd to be released near the end of the year and the 3rd in 2024. I am very excited about the other 2 books. They both are also, very special to me. I have songs I sang to my son as a baby and sayings from my dad. I cannot wait to share these books with my readers.

FQ: Do you see your series going longer than originally expected? More stories to write than originally planned?

LANGAN: I do think that may actually happen. It depends on the demand. I would love to keep going with Tinkie and Bobo for as long as I can.

FQ: The “bad guy/gal” in your book - was he/she fun to create and how difficult was it to write those scenes where he/she plays a central role?

LANGAN: That's Karen The Cranky Crab. She was very fun to create. Everyone's favorite because everyone knows a "Karen."

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