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Author Interview: Keith Thye

Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Lynette Latzko is talking with Keith Thye, author of Rusty Kenneficke's 3rd Quarter (Rusty Kenneficke Trilogy Book 3).

FQ: Now that you've completed the Rusty Kenneficke trilogy, do you have a favorite book of the three?

THYE: I like the third book of the trilogy as it completes Rusty’s life and ties everything together. I did a rather lengthy recap of the first two books in case someone reads only this book - they’ll be able to understand what led to this outcome.

FQ: How long does it usually take you to write your books, and do you have any rituals while you’re writing?

THYE: I’m in no hurry, writing only a couple of hours a day so it takes about one year for me to complete the writing; another for editing and publishing.

FQ: If the Rusty trilogy were ever to be made into a movie (or even a TV series), who would you like to have in the starring role?

THYE: Hard to say as Rusty is 37 years old in book one; 37-50 in book two and 50-75 in book three. It would take multiple actors, I imagine.

FQ: What have you learned throughout your writing and publishing journey? Looking back, would you have done anything differently?

THYE: I came to this endeavor late in life and have learned that I can’t rush the writing. I don’t use outlines, rather let the story take its own path once I get started. Sometimes I have to stop for a week or two while it comes together. I wouldn’t do anything differently as I enjoy doing it my way - it works for me.

FQ: In our last interview, you briefly mentioned working on writing a mystery. Is this still in the works?

THYE: I’ve completed Randy and Ron and Cindi and Zeke, Zeke being a dog. Three teenagers spy on two couples skinny dipping and a woman’s naked dead body is found floating in the lake the next day. Accident or murder? Zeke helps solve the mystery. Currently in edit to be published next spring.

FQ: This last book’s cover differs from the first two. Is there any meaning behind your change from the pencil drawings of the first books, to the full color photo of this last one?

THYE: I was going to do the cover in a pencil drawing as the first two but liked the color cover so well that I decided to keep it. Odd perhaps but it works for me.

FQ: Who are some of your favorite authors?

THYE: Ken Follet, Mark Twain, Richard Russo to name a few.

FQ: I noticed that you released the second book in the early months of this year, and this final one in November. Has the current pandemic positively or negatively affected your writing endeavors?

THYE: Yes, the pandemic has had an effect. The story was ready and I didn’t want to wait.

FQ: Is there anything that you’re dying to tell your readers that hasn’t been asked in previous interviews?

THYE: I’m currently working on a historical novel. It will be a longer book (500-600 pages) and a few years in development. But again, I’m in no hurry.

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