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Author Interview: Güngör Buzot

Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Diane Lunsford is talking with Güngör Buzot, author of I Was Dying…Then I Changed My Mind.

FQ: I cannot express enough what a pleasure it is to speak with you today. Thank you for the gift of sharing your insights and harrowing journey of your life. I was rocked by your desperation and your desire to be euthanized. Without too much of a spoiler, can you share that defining moment when you ‘saw the light’ and knew there was a reason you needed to continue to live?

BUZOT: Reciprocally it is a pleasure for me to answer your questions.

I was born a healthy baby. After a wrong treatment at the age of six months, diseases and surgeries followed one another. The side effects of the medications and surgeries created new diseases and exacerbated my pain. I did not want to write all of my sicknesses in my book because it would be more frustrating for readers. They are all still documented in my diaries, emails, doctor’s prescriptions. The doctors in the United States, France, England, and Turkey, where I went to seek a cure, said that there was no cure for my diseases and that they could only do symptomatic treatment. I want to explain what the symptomatic treatment is: using morphine, anti-epileptics, and anti-depressants to relieve the pain. They may help for a few days, or a maximum of a few weeks, but it is necessary to increase the doses regularly. In my case, when the doses came to their maximum level, and it was not possible to increase anymore, the only solution was to get rid of my own body. As I was not the type of person to commit suicide, I started begging my children for euthanasia. At the time my daughter was 34, my son 35, and I was 61. I was using 410 mg of prescribed drugs daily and had had almost twenty surgeries. I was still suffering with so many drugs. I needed help to go out, to go to medical treatments, even to stay at home.

My children did not accept my demands for euthanasia and my daughter insisted that I go see the homeopath who helped her family. I told her that the medical science that I studied and earnestly trusted had not been able to cure me for decades and that I had also tried alternative treatment methods, such as yoga, massage, acupuncture, and a seeing a homeopath in Paris. But I did not get any results from all this. I told my daughter that I did not have the strength to go to a new healer to explain myself. That was the reason that I was refusing to try a new person. But they did not want to listen to my reasons and they took me almost by force to the homeopath. After listening to me for about two hours, Betsey said that I could live without pain and without medications. It was the LIGHT that you mentioned at the end of the tunnel. For the first time in my life someone was giving me hope to heal. With that hope I started to withdraw from my medications.

FQ: There are many references to different homeopathic care providers in your book. I was quite enamored with your first encounter with Betsey. Do you still have contact with her?

BUZOT: Betsey is my best friend today. I am still in a relationship with everyone I have mentioned in my book who accompanied me during my recovery process. Although we heal our bodies ourselves, I owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who gave me hope, gave me strength, and held my hand to stay alive and helped me go through an unbelievably difficult healing process.

FQ: In line with my previous question, your story is such an inspiration on so many levels. Have you ever considered speaking engagements to educate more on the benefits of homeopathic care?

BUZOT: After I miraculously healed, I became friends with Betsey and I asked her what I could do to thank her. She asked me to write a book because she said that many patients need inspiration to heal. And so I started to write my book. It was impossible for me to remember correctly my whole life. Thus I read my diaries, my doctor’s appointments, my prescriptions, my emails back then. I could not believe how much pain I had suffered. I cried a lot for that little girl, for that young woman, for the young mother, and of course for that innocent baby who came to earth to be happy. Then I got myself together and I realized that my suffering was not in vain; I had a purpose. My aim was to help people who are sick, who live in pain, who are drug addicts to get out of their vortex. While writing my book, I started helping patients at the same time. To my amazement, two of the people who contacted me were stage four cancer patients recovered after listening to my inspiring life story. Both of them were left alone by their doctors who told them there was nothing more they could do for them so they were sent home to die peacefully. They were told to spend the last days of their lives at home without medical intervention. They felt hopeless but after speaking with me they actually went on to heal. Five years later, today, they are still working, happy, and healthy.

I do not just talk to people about Homeopathy. After my recovery, I went to the workshops of Dr. Joe Dispenza and Anita Moorjani, who emphasized you are your own healer. I studied many more books by scientists who wrote about the energy of the body. In my experience, chronic sicknesses cannot be cured by the current medical paradigm, which treats only the physical body and ignores completely the energy body. The human body is energy that vibrates 570 trillion times per second. A patient can be treated on the energy level. Otherwise, patients cannot be cured by removing organs, by prescribing medications only to treat a certain organ, by giving chemotherapy and radiation, which are themselves already carcinogenic. If you look at people who have recovered from serious illnesses, they all have changed their lives. Patients cannot be cured in the same energy/consciousness which made them sick.

I am not a scientist. I am a pharmacist and I only share my story to inspire people. I do not try to treat anybody. If I healed they can also heal. In my book I advise people to educate themselves. There are multiple treatments and solutions for every sickness. They are not helpless; they are not alone.

FQ: It’s difficult for me not to go down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’ having read your book so I will temper my delivery. My husband and I have two lovely daughters who are in their 20s. I recall when they were toddlers and entered the world of pre-school, it seemed every other week they were subjected to colds, coughs, etc. We were always strong advocates of ‘letting the affliction run its course’ versus rushing to the doctor’s office for antibiotics and received more than a few judgments for not giving them a pill for every ‘sniffle.’ Knowing what you learned through your own experiences and what you learned when studying for your degree in pharmacy, how would you approach the topic of drugs vs. homeopathic approach with someone who is adamant and believes pharmaceuticals are the end-all, be-all cure?

BUZOT: Your daughters are very lucky to have parents like you, as you say ‘letting the affliction run its course.’ I am sure today they are feeling the gift of being raised like that. I applaud you as opposed to those who judged you once. We need to trust the body’s ability to heal itself. I was trained as a pharmacist to believe in the power of medicines. My parents also raised me to believe in medical science without reservation. However, the body has the power to heal itself. We cannot deny this. Homeopathic remedies are usually given for a period of time, only to give a gentle impetus for the body to heal itself. However, since the pharmaceuticals suppress the symptoms, and the disease appears to have passed at that moment, they cause other more serious diseases in the long term. Everyone has experienced this either in their own life, or in their family, or among their friends.

FQ: In line with my previous question, when you decided to take a different course, what sort of resistance (judgment) did you receive from those who whole-heartedly endorse all that Western Medicine has to offer?

BUZOT: Nobody judged me. On the contrary, everyone encouraged and supported me. They were sad to see that I was slowly heading towards death and how I was slowly dying with dangerous drugs. I think 61 years is long enough to try a form of treatment. When we were young my friends were making fun with my operations saying that “you get rid of your organs to be lighter on the scales.” ?

FQ: One of the many beautiful sentiments you imparted in your story was: “…I constantly learn from life. My most important teachers were my parents…” If you had to cite one important lesson you learned from your parents and it is foundational to who you are today, what would that be and why?

BUZOT: They told me that “There are no bad people; there are people who are stacked in difficult situations and behave badly. Help them get out of the dead end.” Now, with this teaching, I try to help people no matter what. There is another very important point that I know that when people do something bad to me, it has nothing to do with me; it is their own consciousness. I continue to be nice to them and most of the time I watch the same person transform into a completely different person. I am not saying that I am kind to the extent of letting others oppress me. We can be kind to people by being an example and so they learn how we want to be treated.

FQ: There is a lot of credence to the resounding message you give weight to throughout your book toward the essence of how our bodies are ninety percent energy and what makes us tic so-to-speak isn’t visible to the naked eye. I am a strong believer in this, and in my opinion, this is a direct correlation with a strong faith base. How much of your faith assisted in your healing journey?

BUZOT: First of all, I would like to correct something so that the readers learn the truth. 99.999% of our body is energy. Our body consists of organs, tissues, cells etc. There is only energy inside our cells. The human body consists of 50 trillion cells. There is 1.4 Voltage inside each cell. Do we understand what we are capable of with this knowledge?

Betsey with her magic sentence “You can live without medications and without pain” planted seeds of hope and the healer inside me received them. We always have to be careful with what we say to each other and to ourselves. 95% of our mind is subconscious. Only five percent is conscious. Everything we hear from the outside registers in our subconscious. The last three months of pregnancy and the first seven years of age, children download whatever they see and hear from outside. This continues in adults as well. The words we hear from the outside are very effective in terms of what decisions we make and how they influence our personality. Until I was 61 years old none of my doctors told me that I could heal. Especially in recent years, they all said to use those drugs until death. Betsey is the first person who gave me not only the seeds of healing, but also the seeds that taught me to love myself. Until I was 61, I had never seen a person who loved himself or herself. That is why I was defining self-love as selfish. Whereas by loving yourself and shining your light, you become more useful to others. I have described them at length in my book. My self-love healed me.

FQ: I was fascinated with your reference to Dr. André Saine’s treatment method of Bioccular Transcerebral Iontophoresis (BTI) and the healing results this has to heal wounded soldiers suffering from the sequalae of head injuries. I work for a veteran’s charitable foundation, and we serve many warriors with Traumatic Brain Injuries. We provide a respite in a tranquil and serene environment for the warrior to decompress. I don’t want to put a negative (or political) spin on our conversation, but why do you suppose there is such a blatant push to endorse western medicine and discredit homeopathic approaches to healing?

BUZOT: Because homeopathy is not expensive and is definitely an effective method. It cannot make anyone rich. You use it for a certain period of time, then you heal completely and you do not need treatment unless a new disease begins. Also, when you use homeopathy, you are less likely to get sick because the energy helps you stay high. Sicknesses are created at low energies. I have never been so healthy, (despite my age of 70) so young, so energetic and happy. If everyone becomes like me, there will be no disease. Then how can drug companies make trillions?

FQ: In line with my previous question, if you were fully funded to start a school of medicine that focused solely on the healing processes of mind and body through energy, what would be the first thing you would do to ensure its sustainability?

BUZOT: If I were fully funded to start a school of medicine, I would definitely appoint the pioneer homeopath Dr. Andre Saine as the head director. I would teach the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Anita Moorjani, and others who I have mentioned in my book. There are surely many more who I do not know yet. I would want people or practitioners who have a health consciousness as opposed to a disease consciousness.

With health consciousness we do not have chronic diseases; what about acute diseases? In Dr. Dispenza’s workshops, we learn how to reprogram our lives. If we do not decide for ourselves how to live each day, and live our day randomly, we may have an accident. For those times, I would train emergency clinical doctors in the medical schools.

I would like to share an interesting anecdote here. Years ago, after my gallbladder surgery, I had nasopharyngeal problems. I was experiencing severe reflux; especially as I got older, the burning in my stomach became worse. After years of suffering I met Dr Saine, and he treated it in a very interesting way. “Drink two glasses of water on an empty stomach, then jump on the trampoline,” he said. I jumped inside the room because I did not have a trampoline. He told me that my stomach had moved from its normal place and raised up. When this happens, the valve on the upper part of my stomach does not close properly and the stomach acid goes up. The heavy stomach filled with water puts the stomach back down into its normal place during the jump. Such a simple and effective treatment. Plus it is free, no side effects. This is something that happened to me. I just share my own experience. I do not intend to recommend. Could I explain well why I have absolute confidence in my homeopath, Dr. Saine? This is only one of the cases. In eight years family, friends, and I had many more such experiences with him. In these eight years, I have personally witnessed many people being treated from dog bites to cancer treatment to schizophrenia with homeopathy.

FQ: Thank you again for the pleasure of reading your book and your time today. Will there be a follow-on to your story? You have so much to offer so many and, in my opinion, you have much more to share. Are you working on your next book and if so, could you share a nugget or two?

BUZOT: I thank you for being interested in my book and reading it. Thank you for your beautiful and intelligent questions. I really have more experiences to share. I do not have any plans at the moment to write another book, but I hope to start writing again one day. I would like to thank everyone and wish everybody a healthy and a happy new year, 2023.

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