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Author Bios: Steve Wedlock

* Past USCG Master Oceans 3000 GRT (Int'l) (Motor, Steam, or Sail)
* Past member Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)
* Marine Surveyor -Nat'l Association of Marine Surveyors Certified- retired

Currently: After more than 350,000 miles at sea as master of many types of vessels; from sea kayaks to barquentines and managing various maritime organizations, and inspecting thousands of vessels, I have brought my lessons learned to bear on developing a website of my favorite maritime topics while spending most of the year in favorite hideaways in Europe.

1999-2016 (retired) Marine surveyor in San Francisco Bay Area, (condition and valuation, insurance, purchase surveys). Purchased existing business 1999, took on partners, 2001 and 2004. Numerous sea trials and vessel moves along West coast- Vancouver to Mexico- up to 151' barquentine. Continue to do a few deliveries and teach new boat-owners various skills of seamanship, navigation and boat-handling

1996-1998 - Shipmaster: Tidewater, Inc., supply and fracturing vessels to 230', trouble-shooter various vessel operations.

1993-1996 - Executive director, New England Historic Seaport, Boston MA: managed and master of 125' schooner, 135' lightship and boat shop while developing inner city youth programs thru college level semesters at sea. Taught seamanship, navigation and boat handling.

1990-1993 - Founder & CEO, Odessa Group, joint venture in Ukraine: built two 88' schooners, operated sail loft and other yacht related businesses based in Odessa and Nicholaev (a previously closed city for naval research and development.. Various East coast vessel deliveries- Canada to Caribbean

1978-1990 - Founder & Co-Director of the Watermark Program and shipmaster 156', 400ton gaff schooner based in Europe with academic year-long cruises for 30 dyslexic high school students and 15 staff/crew. Average year sailed from Baltic to Mediterranean (Turkey) and out to trans-Atlantic. Summer program took vessel back to Europe. Captain various yachts and commercial vessel to 150'- 65' tug to 144' research barquentine in Newfoundland and Labrador. Taught students seamanship, boat-handling and navigation.

1970-1978 - First captain license- 100ton oceans, up to 500ton, many deliveries and captain Harvey Gamage, 95ton schooner. Began school-ship career: founding member Society of Professional Sailing Ship Masters

Born-1948 and raised on the coast of Maine- running around on the shore and rocks, fishing off the lobster floats at my uncle's pound and racing around with a friend in a speedboat, secondary at Tilton School, college at Brown University.

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