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Author Bios: Robert Lofthouse

Robert Lofthouse has a dual career, as the Director of Delivery at Brainstorm Labs in Kansas City and as an award-winning book author, magazine writer and speaker.

His freelance professional writing experience covers nearly sixty years in the sports world, writing game day articles published for local and regional media in Pennsylvania, Kansas and Missouri. Additionally, he has written numerous articles for domestic and international periodicals.

Honor Through Sacrifice is Robert’s first full-length published book which was prompted by a deep love of history and keen desire to promote and extend the legacy of his subject, Gordon Joseph Lippman.

Robert’s information technology career spans more than 40 years as a technologist and executive leading projects nationally and internationally while serving the business planning and delivery needs of nonprofit, corporate, and government sector orgs. The US government, state of New York, AIG, Chubb & Son, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and City Union Mission are just some of his clients over the years.

Robert, a former US Marine NCO, and Gordon, were first cousins so this story is personal.

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Email: [email protected]


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