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Author Bios: Randy Casciano

Randy has been part of corporate America for over 30 years and has never lost his creative spirit. He grew up in a small Central New York Village on a street with 32 of his immediate relatives. This is no exaggeration, 32 aunts, uncles, grandparents, and a lot of cousins. He thought everyone grew up this way, literally surrounded by family. His passion for family and friends have become the foundation for his literary works. Some of his closest friendships were formed in his kindergarten class. He still sees several of these classmates on a regular basis. The moral of his first children's picture book is based on these bonds and the premise that having a good friend by your side will get you through any obstacle life throws your way.

Randy still lives in that same Central New York town with his wife and their loving dog Harlee. His children have also begun to build their own lives in this same Central New York area where they still cherish Sunday family dinners. The final inspiration to bring his children's book ideas to life came with the birth of his grandchildren.

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