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Author Bios: Noel Foy and Nicholas Roberto

Noel Foy is an anxiety coach and neuroeducational consultant who specializes in workshops and one-on-one coaching for kids and adults on anxiety/stress, executive function and growth mindset. Her first book ABC Worry Free received the gold Mom's Choice Award® and provides readers with an actionable strategy to manage anxiety. Noel's books feature characters who face fears and demonstrate the power of courage, collaboration, friendship, perseverance and problem-solving. When Noel isn’t working, you will find her paddle boarding, kayaking or biking. She likes corny jokes and enjoys baking and cooking for family and friends.

Nicholas Roberto is a first-time author who began writing children's books shortly after the birth of his daughter. His stories explore complex, challenging topics in a fun, kid-friendly way that introduce children to relevant and important concepts at a young age. He also enjoys writing music, eating ice cream, and coming home to his family after a long day of fly fishing.

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Author Noel Foy
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