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Author Bios: Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.

Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr. is a published author who specializes in murder and mystery novellas. However, he loves to keep things fresh and interesting by dabbling in suspense, humor, horror, action, and even sci-fi.

His bestselling series, “Griffin Knight,” centers around the adventures of renowned New York City detective Griffin Knight, a lone wolf who has a penchant for dangerous situations — even those beyond his jurisdiction.

As a writer, Hernandez aims to please. That is why, as one of his favorite pastimes, he scours the internet for reviews on his books so he can spin stories that truly resonate with his readers.

His influence goes beyond literature and taps into the world of TV, with favorites such as Perry Mason, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Jack Reacher, Dirty Harry, Paul Kersey, and Ace Attorney.

Hernandez bachelor's degree is from the University at Buffalo and he likes to go to church with family, watch anime, and work out during his downtime.

Literary Titan 2022 Silver Book Award Winner

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