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Author Bios: Mickey Bridges

I am a native of Los Angeles, California, born in 1950. I graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology in 1980. (UCSB) I earned a single subject secondary teaching credential in Social Studies from the Department of Education at UCSB in 1982. In 1996, I passed the California real estate agent’s exam and then I joined the Mulhearn Realty Group in Bellflower, California. In 1999, I founded the Eternal Youth Foundation, Inc., (EYF) a not-for-profit educational enrichment program that worked in cooperation with the Compton Unified School District. EYF has served thousands of at-risk and underserved students in the city of Compton for more than twenty years. In 2006, I earned a master’s degree in Christian Counseling from International Seminary, in Plymouth, Florida. I am also an accomplished recording artist currently with five albums in world-wide distribution. In 2016, I received my Real Estate Broker’s license. On April 1, 2022, I started my own brokerage, Bridges Realty & Investments. On June 1, 2022, I became a self-published author of my memoir entitled It’s About Time. I started writing my memoir in 1978, at the request of a professor whose section I was enrolled in at the university. He believed my story would have a significant impact on youth involved in criminal activities and drug use. When a teen is convicted of a felony, they receive a mark on their record that will follow them for the rest of their life, which will make it difficult for them to find employment or to receive a security clearance. I was convicted and incarcerated for numerous felony offenses during my teens and early twenties. With God’s intervention, I was fortunate to pull my life together and get on a straight and narrow path. I am grateful to be drug and arrest free for more than 35 years. I believe that my life experiences will provide a glimpse of reality for those who have gotten into trouble with the law and or are addicted to drugs. I’m not implying that the work will be easy. Nothing in life that’s worth having is ever easy. If it’s worth having then it’s worth putting in the extra effort. I pray that my memoir will be instrumental in encouraging individuals to continue to press forward and not give up. I encourage them to learn how to focus on the long game. More importantly, realize that their future is in their hands and to try to shape the kind of life they will be proud of. With God’s help, commitment, determination and perseverance they can turn their life around.

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