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Author Bios: Lorenzo DeStefano

Born in Honolulu, Hawai’i, Lorenzo DeStefano is a playwright, screenwriter, producer, director, and photographer. A member of the Directors Guild of America, he has produced and directed network series, documentaries, and narrative films, worked in U.S. and U.K. Theater, and written fiction, non-fiction, original screenplays, and adaptations.

In addition to House Boy, his first published novel, DeStefano is author of the short story collection, The Shakespearean, the essay On Knowing Daniel Aaron, the fact-based short story Hitchhike, the memoir Visitations – Finding A Secret Relative In Modern-Day Hawaii, Diary of a Nobody, a feature article for The Guardian, the photographic memoir La Hora Magica/The Magic Hour – Portraits of a Vanishing Cuba, and the cinema memoir Callé Cero–An Encounter with Cuban Film Director Tomas Gutierrez Alea.

DeStefano’s screenplays include Shipment Day, The Diarist, Lads, Deep Inside, Cropper’s Cabin, from the novel by Jim Thompson, Appointment in Samarra, from the novel by John O’Hara, Waiting for Nothing, from the novel by Tom Kromer, and Creeps, from the play by David E. Freeman.

Narrative films as writer/producer include The Diarist, a Limited Series based on The Inman Diary, published by Harvard University Press, and House Boy, a Limited Series adapted from his novel.

Narrative films as writer/producer/director include the short film Stairway to the Stars, starring Sean Young and Quinton Aaron, and Shipment Day, an adaptation of his prize-winning play.

His feature documentaries as producer/director include Talmage Farlow, a portrait of the American jazz guitarist, Los Zafiros-Music From The Edge Of Time, about the Beatles of 1960s Cuba, and Hearing is Believing, about the gifted young musician and composer, Rachel Flowers.

DeStefano’s plays include Shipment Day, Stairway To The Stars, Providence, and Camera Obscura.

Theater directing includes William Inge’s Natural Affection, Horton Foote’s The One-Armed Man, the world premiere of Robert Schenkkan’s Conversations with the Spanish Lady, the world premiere of Twisted Twain by Bill Erwin, Jitters by David French, and his own productions of Providence and Shipment Day.

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