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Author Bios: Linda G. Barrett

Linda G. Barrett had been a closet writer for most of her adult life, sharing this creative aspect of herself with very few people over the years. Her spontaneous writings, as Ms. Barrett calls them, have always come from music—its vibration, tone, and feeling—which can elicit different imagery that contributes to her story or poetry ideas. In 2019, Ms. Barrett knew she must share what she had written and published her first book, a collection of poems entitled Release Me. In Ms. Barrett's second release, Save the Sinner, she expanded upon the themes in her first book and forayed into works of short fiction. She delves into the soul's journey toward peace and examines the human reaction to pain, grief, love, longing, and despair in her unique mix of captivating, poignant poetry and genre-bending short stories. Barrett's characters in Save the Sinner—from two friends lunching at their favorite café to soul-stealing gypsies, passionate vampires, and beings from other worlds and other dimensions—search for purpose, struggle with their own internal darkness, and battle forces beyond the veil.

Ms. Barrett resides in North Central Florida with her husband, two dogs, and one cat—all rescued, except the husband. Well, maybe him, too.

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