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Author Bios: Kathy Duffy

I’m Kathy Duffy. I live in Georgia on Southern Seasons Farm with my husband. There we have raised two daughters and have over twenty animals including horses, goats, dogs, cats, chickens and bees. Most of the animals on the farm have been rescued. Along with a passion for rescuing animals, I also has a zeal for writing books for children.

As a young child I was a resistant reader and struggled through school. I believe that children who love to read have an easier time in school and think the earlier you get books into their hands it will instill a foundation for the love of reading. Never tell a child they cannot read a topic they are interested in, even if that means when they are younger you are reading them the 100th book in a row about horses. If that is what it takes to develop a love for reading, give them that gift. I also believe that children who have been read to from a very early age feel reading brings them comfort and security.

The second book in the “Tails from Southern Seasons Farm” series will be released in 2022! Hopefully, children find my books fun and I leave them wanting to find another book to read.

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