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Author Bios: Jodi Auborn

Jodi Auborn grew up in the small upstate New York towns of Wilton, Hadley, and Lake Luzerne. She graduated from Hadley-Luzerne High School in 1995, and then received a Liberal Arts degree from Adirondack Community College, Queensbury NY, in 1998.

Though not rich, Jodi's parents taught her to value the simple things in life. Her childhood was filled with books, music, and pets, craft projects and piano lessons and Girl Scouts, fishing trips and her first horse, a gentle off-the-track Standardbred. Her favorite times were the week-long family camping trips to Putnam Pond State Park, a rustic campground near her grandparents' house. She tries to reflect that small-town lifestyle in her books.

As far back as Elementary school, Jodi enjoyed her class creative writing assignments, making up stories and poems in school and out. At age 10, horse-crazy Jodi wrote a short story about a girl who rescued an abused mare. That story became a part of her life for the next 22 years, growing to fill tattered notebooks and battered binders until it ultimately became her first pre-teen novel, Stormwind of the North Country, published in 2009. A sequel, Secrets of the North Country, followed and was published in 2012. (As of 2018, Stormwind and Secrets are out of print and the author is working to revise and republish them.)

Like the main character of Stormwind and Secrets, Jodi enjoyed growing up in her rural Adirondack hometowns. She could often be found canoeing on the local lake, and walking or horseback riding on the country roads and backwoods trails. She describes those years in her memoir, My Ten-Acre Wilderness, which was revised, updated and republished in 2018. (Originally titled The Forests I Called Home, the First Edition was published in 2011 and is now out of print.)

Her writing took a different turn in 2013 when she wrote Matthias: The Ghost of Salvation Point, a children's novel set at a haunted lighthouse in Maine. Matthias was released in 2015, earning excellent reviews from adult and young readers alike.

In the summertime, the author works at the same campground where she spent her childhood summer vacations. Back home, she stays busy learning to play the ukulele and riding her horse, a nearly-white Appaloosa gelding named Timmy. She enjoys exploring new places and carries a camera wherever she goes, challenging herself to find the fascinating and beautiful details in the ordinary and everyday. Jodi is single and lives in Ticonderoga, NY with her chubby and spoiled yellow cat, Tom.

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