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Author Bios: Jo Ann Bender

I am an Iowa gal who moved West to take a pr job in Montana. A cowboy
found me there who said, "If you come live with me in Spokane, I'll make
you happy." And, he has.

But now instead of writing various copy for agencies, I write fiction,
non-fiction and human interest stories for media.

My new action fiction, Casanova Cowboy, is now in production for an
audio book at Books in Motion. The prequel to that story, Rusty
Springs, will be launched in a few days also as an audio book by the
same company.

ACX, an audio company gave me a grant to choose the reader for my
award-winning WWII story, Lebensborn. To work with a reader was very
exciting. Books in Motion said they couldn't do it because they had no
reader who could correctly pronounce the French or German words in the
story. Since then, I've published a second edition: Lebensborn Secrets. From
time to time a person will excitedly show me a Lebensborn copy is being
sold on Amazon for $2,290.

For almost three years I have had fun writing a blog on various topics
which catch my interest as a former news person. This week's topic
Saturday: "Electricity From Mars - a George Friedman Prediction."
WordPress reports that last year folks from 97 different countries
were reading my blog.

Life is fun. It is an adventure. I'm glad it's the gift God gave me.

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Jo Ann's Blog
Email: [email protected]



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