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Author Bios: JF Collen

JF Collen has spent the last umpteen years practicing as a lawyer—but don’t hold that against her! She has made a career of protecting Intellectual Property, but at heart always wanted to be writing novels instead of legal briefs. She has written award-winning children’s books, The Enjella® Adventure Series, using fantasy as a vehicle for discussing the real world problems of children. She has tried to use her talent for storytelling for good instead of evil.

But her real love is history. One of her many hobbies is traveling to historical sites around the world with her husband and four children and reading the biographies of the people who affected these places. Her books depict modern dilemmas in historical settings, with a touch of humor. Since only one of her parents had a sense of humor, however, JF feels she is only half as funny as she should be.

Much to her husband’s dismay, they still live in New York.

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