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Author Bios: Jeff Turner

Jeff Turner is a true dyed in the wool Connecticut Yankee. He was born and raised in Quaker Hill, Connecticut and attended public schools in Waterford before matriculating at three different Connecticut colleges and universities to earn his undergraduate and graduate degrees. He taught for over forty years at Mitchell College in New London, a stone’s throw from where he was born.

He grew up around two quarter horses, Echo and Mayday, and is a military history enthusiast. He researched the long forgotten Camp Dewey of the early 1900s, a Connecticut junior midshipman’s station hidden along the Thames river, as well as Montana’s Little Bighorn battlefield, the site of Custer’s doomed seventh cavalry. Both figure prominently in Jeff’s present-day fictional writing.

Jeff is the author of over twenty academic books, widely used across the United States and abroad, as well as a number of novels, including The Way Back, The Hero of Willow Creek, Lost Boys of the River Camp, The Choices He Made, A Rescued Soul, and The Horseman Who Came From The Sea.

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