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Author Bios: J.M. Adams

J. M. Adams is an Emmy nominated journalist with more than 15 years of on-air television journalism experience, reporting for CBS, ABC and NBC news affiliates across the United States and abroad.

Besides being nominated for an Emmy for his news reporting, highlights from his career include going on sea patrols with the Navy after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and reporting on location from Kuwait and Iraq while the Air Force enforced No-Fly Zones over Iraq. He also reported on location from a number of hurricane and wildfire disaster zones across the Southern United States and covered multiple high-profile federal court cases around the country.

Second Term is his debut novel.

Adams is an avid history buff who also teaches tennis and coaches a women's high school tennis team. He lives in Northern New Jersey, with his wife, two daughters, and a pair of Cavachons who appear to have taken over the house.

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