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Author Bios: Harvey B. Chess

Harvey B. Chess entered the workforce at the inception of the late War On Poverty and concluded as a Program Officer in a grant making Community Foundation. In between and after this staff work he spent years as a well-regarded activist among nonprofit organizations, best known for participant-centered workshops for grant seekers and proposal writers. He has gathered together the sum of his experiences to form the basis for his book, Functional and Funded, Securing Your Nonprofit’s Assets From The Inside Out. His work throughout – and now his writing - have focused on the circular connection between organizational and funding proposal excellence.

Contact Information:
Email: [email protected]

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Author Harvey B. Chess
Author Harvey B. Chess


Tom David, consultant in the craft of grantmaking, philanthropic strategy, evaluation, and organizational learning

Rich Callahan, Professor, University of San Francisco: Editor, International Journal of Public Leadership; Co-founder. TAP International

Jan Stohr, retired director, Nonprofit Resource Center, Sacramento, CA

Susan McMorris, Blue Mountain Community Renewal Council, West Point, CA


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